Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Thousands of farmers of Yamuna Khadar submit Memorandum at BJP Delhi Pradesh


New Delhi, 6th March, 2013. Thousands of farmers of and labourers of Yamuna Khadar spread over the area from Wazirabad to Okhala, who have been farming on the lands of Khadar for the last 63 years, presented their problems resulting from the conspiracy of the Congress Government to grab their land, before the BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijay Goel at BJP Delhi Pradesh Headquarters. Addressing the farmers, labourers Shri Goel told that he is with the farmers of Khadar to save their land. For this purpose BJP will fight with the farmers from the streets to the courts. 

Shri Goel told that the Congress Government is against the poor, farmers and the labourers. This Government recovers every paisa from the poor but waives the loan of crores of rupees taken by the rich people. He has called upon all the people to come with the BJP to fight against this dictatorship and arbitrariness of the Government. He announced that he will soon visit Yamuna Khadar area and meet the farmers, labourers and raise their issue before the Lt. Governor and the Government. 
He further told that livelihood of the poor is the highest priority. By depriving them of their livelihood, starting any other work on the lands of Khadar is injustice to them. He will always fight with the poor against this injustice. The way in which he succeeded in completely banning lottery system in Delhi the same way he will fight in the interest of the people in future also because his entire life has been full of struggle and in the interest of common man. During emergency he had fought against the Government and passed six months in Jail. 
Shri Goel told that on the one hand the Government is opening wine shops in entire Delhi but on the other hand it is also issuing advertisements in the Newspapers at the cost of crores of rupees advising the people that consumption of wine destroys the body and the soul of a person. We will have to fight a long drawn battle against this anti people Government so that it may be dislodged. The farmers and labourers under the banner of Kisan Hit Rakshak Evam Paryavaran Sanghrakshak Samiti submitted a Memorandum to the Pradesh President Shri Vijay Goel. Their leaders Hari Chand Saini, Ramesh Saini, Baljeet Singh, Mahesh ji etc. told that under a conspiracy the Government wants to render thousands of farmers and labourers unemployed. Thousands of families shall be ruined if they are deprived of their land. The Government has announced of constructing Bio-diversity Park on the land of Khadar. 

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