Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Dear Shri Gupta,

DELHI, the nation’s capital city, is today witnessing increasing incidents of crime against women and a fast deteriorating law and order situation. The recent abduction incident of two girls in ghitorni, the gang rape case in the University and the rape of an 85 years old woman in another part of Delhi merely serve to highlight this phenomenon. Either in the streets or within homes, women in Delhi have to cope with crimes of various kinds. These include sexual assaults like rape, molestation and eve teasing and chain snatching as well as other forms of violence like domestic violence, dowry related violence, etc. Statistics show that the highest number of rape cases are recorded in Delhi.
The crime figures for the capital compared to other cities in India reveal that almost a horrifying figure one in four cases of rape reported anywhere in the country happen ion the city of Delhi according to the national crime records.

Criminals are taking advantage of administrative and policing lapses and under the circumstance the government and the police should take immediate measure to provide security to women,
It is also seen that the police more often than not ends up mishandling the cases that need deft attention and sensitivity.
Some of the problems in regard to such mishandling are:

1)         The police do not respond in time.

2)         Even when they arrive on the scene, they are not sympathetic and try to underplay what the women victims say.

3)         They have a very rough and rude way of dealing with women.

4)         They often try to dissuade a woman from filing a complaint.

5)         As far as possible, they do not record a first information report (FIR).

6)            Crimes like eve teasing; chain snatching and molestation are often not taken seriously and are not dealt with severity.

What we expect the police to proactively do:
a)            Specific guidelines must be issued to all police stations in Delhi, detailing how they must respond to the cases concerning violence against women. The guidelines must begin by highlighting the concern and complaints the citizens in general and women in particular have against the police. These guidelines must be drawn up in consultation with women’s organisations.

b)         Only police personnel of a certain rank, e g SI, must deal such cases.

c)         Police personnel must promptly attend any such case and a time limit for the response must be set. They must record the victims’ statements correctly and in presence of the victims’ relatives and other witnesses. The witnesses must also attest that a statement has been properly recorded, without police interference.

d)         All police stations must have women police personnel.

e)         All police personnel, particularly those who deal with cases of violence against women, must be properly trained and gender-sensitized .

f)          The fact is that all the cases of sexual harassment including eve teasing, molestation and rape are cognizable offences under the Indian Penal Code. Hence the offenders must be arrested and investigation started immediately.

g)         If a woman needs any medical and counseling help, including help to deal with the emotional and mental trauma she has undergone, it must be immediately  provided. All police stations must keep a list of doctors and counselors who can be sent for in such a case.

h)         The police must encourage members of the community to come forward and give help and information in such cases. This can be done through suitable incentives.

i)          The police must inform all the doctors in government and other hospitals that they must immediate attend to the legal cases in their absence.

Sir ,we wish to put it on record that the police in the city of delhi has to instill confidence and create a zone of well being for the living and working conditions for women in the city of Delhi.
As the terrorized citizens of Delhi this delegation can only  hope and pray that you will take proactive measure to create a conducive environment for women to live and work and take active control of the city and also ensure strict punishment to criminals who indulge in such crimes.
With regards

(Vijender Gupta)

(Aarti Mehra)           (Vani Tripathi)           (Vishakha Sailani)         (Sikha Rai)    

(Simmi Jain)             (Urmil Chaudhary)                (Kawaljeet Sehrawat)

Sh. B.K. Gupta
Delhi Police
New Delhi


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