Thursday, 25 August 2011

Proposal of Sheila Dikshit to bring Chief Minister within purview of Lokpal for ending corruption

Corrupt Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit can not save herself from jail by pleading to bring the post of Chief Minister within the purview of Lokpal - Vijender Gupta

            New Delhi, 25th August.  Expressing his surprise, the BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that now the persons declared to be corrupt by the Constitutional institutions have started talking about ending corruption.  Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit who has been found guilty of committing corruption of crores by misusing her position, making false announcements and committing bungling of thousands of crores in the CWG by the Shunglu Committee and the CAG, has in a cabinet drama proposed to bring the Chief Minister within the purview of Lokpal.  Delhi BJP has expressed its surprise over this proposal moved by Sheila Dikshit.             
After disobeying the decisions of many constitutional institutions, committing contempt of these institutions, degrading their dignity, Chief Minister of Delhi now has tried to mislead the people by passing a proposal to bring the post of Chief Minister within the purview of Lokpal.  She will not succeed in saving herself from going to jail with the help of such proposal.  BJP has started a signature campaign all over Delhi to protest against Chief Minister of Delhi found to be involved in corruption.  This will show where the people of Delhi want to see her? 
Shri Gupta told that the high powered Shunglu Committee appointed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on 25th October, 2010 has found Sheila Dikshit guilty of bungling of crores in the CWG.  The Lokayukta of Delhi has also written a letter to the President of India requesting that she should issue stern directions to the Chief Minister of Delhi who had misled the people by making false announcements at the time of elections and desist from doing so in future.  Earlier Lokayukta had recommended for removing Revenue Minister Raj Kumar Chuahan and for his involvement in tax evasion case and filing case against him.  In place of accepting this direction the Chief Minister had questioned the authority of Lokayukta. 
He told that the CAG had found the Chief Minister guilty of corruption of crores in the CWG.  The CAG had recommended to the Prime Minister and Parliament for taking action against the Chief Minister.  But till date neither Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit  has resigned nor the Prime Minister has taken any action against her.  Whom does the corrupt Chief Minister want to befool now by proposing to bring the post of Chief Minister within the purview of Lokpal, 

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