Monday, 29 August 2011

Conspiracy of Govt. to damage the movement of Anna Hazare

There should be judicial inquiry into conspiracy of Kapil Sibbal and Swami Agnivesh- Vijender Gupta

New Delhi 29th August. BJP Delhi Pradesh President Sh. Vijender Gupta has demanded that the way in which the Central Minister Sh. Kapil Sibbal got his agent Swami Agnivesh included in the team of Sh. Anna Hazare to defame the indefinite hunger strike of Anna Hazare and his movement in Ram Lila Maidan, the Govt. should order for a judicial inquiry. As the TV channels are showing the tapes containing talks between Swami Agnivesh and Kapil Sibbal, it seems that Sh. Sibbal and Congress Govt. had planned to physically damage Sh. Anna Hazare. This has exposed the anti people and despotic face of the Minister Kapil Sibbal and Congress Govt. The people of the country and Delhi shall never forgive Sh. Sibbal and the Congress led UPA Govt. for this conspiracy.

He told that BJP wants an independent, powerful and impartial Lokpal for ending corruption in the country.  Smt. Sushma Swaraj and Sh. Arun Jaitely have made the stand of BJP clear in the Parliament. BJP agreed to all the three conditions of Anna Hazare. On the other hand the Congress Govt. and its allies have planned for a weak Lokpal so that it may serve the purpose of Congress. Congress is a conspirator’s party. The way in which its Ministers tried to suppress the movement of Sh. Anna Hazare reminds us on the days of emergency. Central and Delhi Govt. do not believe in the Constitution of India. Due to this Sh. Anna Hazare was arrested on the 16th August and sent to Tihar Jail violating his fundamental rights.

Sh. Gupta congratulated the people of country and Delhi that the way in which crores of people united and assembled against the Congress Govt., it had to free Sh. Anna Hazare and allow him to start indefinite fast in Ram Lila Maidan. The Govt. wanted to hatch a big conspiracy during the indefinite fast through Sh. Kapil Sibbal and Swami Agnivesh. During his talk with Kapil Sibbal Swami Agnivesh called a saint like person Anna Hazare as a mad elephant. It has exposed the dangerous intensions of the Govt. Every body knows that when an elephant goes mad then he is shot dead. Was this the intension of Kapil Sibbal and Swami Agnivesh?   

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