Thursday, 18 August 2011

Pradesh President Vijender Gupta visits Ramlila Maidan

BJP forms Task Force for providing facilities to thousands of persons fasting with Anna
New Delhi, 18th August.  In view of historic fast by Anna in Ramlila Maidan today, BJP Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta visited Ramlila Maidan with a team of Municipal Corporation so that the supporters of Anna who will assemble there may not face any difficulty.  Shri Gupta has formed a Task Force of five members for providing facilities to thousands of persons fasting at Ramlila Maidan.  Leader of the MCD House Shri Subhash Arya, Mayor Rajni Abbi, Chairman of the Standing Committee Shri Yogender Chandoliya, Deputy Mayor Shri Anil Sharma and Deputy Chairperson of Standing Committee Smt. Sarita Chaudhary have been included in the task force.

            Pradesh President has given directions to the task force that they should inspect Ramlila Maidan every day till the fast continue and ensure that the arrangements are working well for thousands of supporters of Anna Hazare coming from all over India.  BJP Delhi Pradesh will provide every day one lakh pouches of drinking water to the supporters of Anna and who are fasting at Ramlila Maidan.  The task force will also supervise every day the work of the MCD officers and employees deputed in Ramlila Maidan to ensure that there is no shortcomings in the facilities being provided by the MCD. 

            He has directed the BJP members in MCD House that they should see that the officers and employees of MCD ensure all the facilities in Ramlila Maidan in view of fast by the Anna team.  The task force will monitor the fasting programme of thousands of people coming from all over India and will make estimate about the needs of the next day and how to fulfil it.

            BJP wants that democracy, fundamental rights are not violated and the rule of law continues in the country.  The Party provides highest priority to personal freedom, honour.  BJP is of the view that every Government should protect the provisions of the constitution in any condition.  The Government which tries to crush the voice of the people by adopting unconstitutional and despotic methods, the people will crush that Government.  The Congress has forgotten that the Government should work according to the Constitution and written law.  The people in Government think that they are not public servants rather masters.  Hence by imposing ban on the fast of Anna Hazare, the Congress has downgraded the honour of India in the world.

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