Sunday, 28 August 2011


New Delhi 28th August. Tomorrow Delhi BJP will stage Dharna/Demonstration at Delhi Legislative Assembly demanding withdrawal of anti people decision of Delhi Govt. for increasing power tariff by about 22% in Delhi. Pradesh President Sh. Vijender Gupta will lead the Dharna/Demonstration.

Giving this information Pradesh President told that all the three private power distribution companies are earning heavy profit which was confirmed by the previous DERC Chairman. He had defused the request of power company to increase the power tariff. Just after taking over the new chairman, he took undemocratic decision to increase power tariff by 21.77% at the instance of Delhi Govt. and forwarded it to the Govt. for approval and the Govt. immediately approved this anti people decision. Due to this unprecedented increase in power tariff the people of Delhi have been put under additional economic burden. It has broken the back of the common man.  All the BJP Legislators, Councillors, Pradesh Office Bearers, Distt. and Mandal Presidents, Morcha-Cell Office bearers and Sr. Leaders of Central and Pradesh level shall participate in it. He told that the Govt. should immediately reconsider its decision of power tariff hike and withdraw the increase tariff and provide relief to the people suffering from price spiral. If the Govt. does not do so due to connivance with power companies than the Delhi BJP will start a strong public movement against this decision of Delhi Govt. and DERC.  The people of Delhi are incapable of paying so much. In such situation thousands of people may not be able to pay the power bills and consequently the power companies shall disconnect their power supply.  BJP is not ready to tolerate it. The entire party is with the people of Delhi and along with them it shall compel the Delhi Govt. to withdraw this despotic decision of increasing power tariff.

Delhi Govt. during the last 12 years has acted as anti people Govt. and despotic way and increased the prices of essential commodities. Delhi Govt. has not taken any concrete step to curb price spiral. Adding insult to injury of the people of Delhi Sheila Dikshit had stated that the people of Delhi are earning much. Hence they are not suffering due to price spiral. On the other hand the Shunglu Committee constituted by the Prime Minister and after that the CAG of India have also found Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit to be guilty of corruption in CWG. Both the institutions have recommended filing cases against the Chief Minister. In spite of this neither the Chief Minister resigned on moral grounds nor the Prime Minister allowed CBI to file case against her. It proves that the Prime Minister and the entire Congress Party are trying to save corrupt Chief Minister of Delhi. BJP Delhi Pradesh had initiated a signature campaign in entire Delhi from 23rd August demanding resignation of the Chief Minister. 

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