Friday, 5 August 2011

CAG finds corruption by Sheila

Dismiss Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit guilty of corruption in CWG : Initiate CBI enquiry - Vijender Gupta

After the report of CAG submitted in the Parliament in which Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit has been directly held guilty for bungling of crores of rupees in the CWG, in an emergent meeting of Pradesh office bearers held at the BJP Delhi Pradesh Headquarters, it was decided that under the leadership of Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta and Leader of the Opposition in Legislative Assembly Prof. Vijay Kumar Malhotra, the BJP office bearers and workers will march towards the Parliament and demand resignation of Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit.  The demonstrators were demanding immediate dismissal Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit.  After this meeting under the leadership of Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta and Prof. Malhotra thousands of workers started march towards the Parliament.  The police present in large numbers arrested all the demonstrators in the midway.  These arrested persons were taken to the Parliament Street Police Station.  BJP has declared that on the 11th August, thousands of BJP workers will gherao the Parliament demanding resignation of Chief Minister and CBI enquiry against her.

In a Press Conference organised at BJP Pradesh Headquarters today, Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta demanded immediate dismissal of Sheila Dikshit and initiating criminal case should be lodge immediately and arresting her.  He told that the Shunglu Committee, Technical Committee of PWD etc. have already held Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit guilty of bungling in the CWG, now when the CAG has submitted its detailed report in the Parliament about the bunglings committed by Smt. Dikshit in the CWG.  It would be dangerous for Delhi and the country if the Chief Minister continues on her post.  She should be arrested immediately so that she may not destroy the proof and influence the witnesses.  Shri Gupta has raised question to the Congress Party and Prime Minister that when Suresh Kalmadi and other high rank officials may be sent to jail for bungling in the Games then why she is not being arrested who has openly committed bungling of crores, committed forgery, manipulated the documents, took over the powers of Finance department, deliberately to commit bungling, misused her position, manipulated the tenders, allowed benefits of crores to her family members and co-accused persons?
            Pradesh President told that the Chief Minister herself awarded contract to M/s Space Age Company worth crores of rupees for the supply of bulbs whereas this company was held ineligible by the committee, but the Chief Minister awarded contract of street light to this company deliberately.  Those bulbs which were available in the market for rupees 15 to 17 thousand crores were purchased from Space Age Company for Rs. 25 thousand to 30 thousand. The Chief Minister caused loss of 31 crore rupees to the Government exchequer due to this contract.  The contract used substandard materials for the construction of bridge on Barapula drain.  The Chief Minister took interest in awarding this contract.  CVC has already objected to this contract.  The Chief Minister awarded contract for land escaping and street scaping to her favourite firm.  This firm was also found ineligible for such contract.  The Chief Minister awarded these contract inspite of objections from PWD and CMD of Games. The Company earned crores by leaving the work incomplete.  The Dubai based company MR which constructed Games village flats did not fulfil three conditions of tender.  But the Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit and Lt. Governor took personal interests and awardened this prestigious work of hundreds of crores to the Dubai based company which constructed additional block without permission.  Within a year of constructions the flats of Games village started leaking.  Substandard materials have been used in the construction of these flats.  Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit awarded contract to one of her family members for disposal of garbage whereas that member had no experience of this work.  This family members of Chief Minister earned about 10 crores without completing this work.
            Shri Vijender Gupta further told that the health equipments were also purchased at two to three times higher rates than the market rates.  Due to this the loss of crores of rupees of Equipments were purchased on many times high prices from low standard companies.  The quantity of these equipments was more than the required quantity.  The companies from which equipments were purchased where inexperienced companies. The Chief Minister also committed bungling of crores in the name of beautification of Delhi.  Such equipments were purchased the packing of which was never opened.  The bulbs were purchased at higher rates than the market rates.  Beds for the sick were purchased more than needed and the quality of which was also substandard.  Delhi Government constructed overbridge near Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium which collapsed before the start of the Games.  In the enquiry report it has been stated that Delhi Government awarded contract to inexperienced company.  Substandard materials was used for the construction of bridge by this company.  Delhi Government purchased 30 lakh flower pots for the decoration of area outside the Stadium at the cost of Rs. 24 crores.  Due to mismanagement and lack of coordination between the departments, these flower plots were not used and 24 crores rupees were wasted.  Due to the objection of Delhi Police these flower pots were not used near the Stadium.  The plants in these pots have perished.  The list of bungling is very long.  Raising strong objection against the persons who have committed bungling, the CAG has recommended the Government to take stern action has recommended stern action against them.

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