Saturday, 27 August 2011


New Delhi, 27th August.  BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that on the one hand Congress Government is talking about bringing Chief Minister within the purview of Lokpal but on the other hand it has refused before the Business Advisory Committee of Delhi Legislative Assembly to discuss the report of Shunglu Committee. It has exposed the double standards of the Chief Minister. She has indicated to the people that she will continue to commit corruption and bungling and also try to mislead the people by talking about bringing Chief Minister within the purview of Lokpal. With it the Chief Minister and the Congress has shown its corrupt character before the people of the country and Delhi. Shri Gupta told that by doing so she will not be able to escape from legal action. BJP will ensure that she is punished for her corruption. Chief Minister will have to resign and CBI will be compelled to file case against her.
            It is worth mentioning here that yesterday, the Delhi Government has opposed before the Business Advisory Committee to discuss Shunglu Committee. By demanding that all the Chief Ministers should be within the purview of Lokpal it has again tried to mislead the people of Delhi and country. She is trying to achieve two objectives by making such demand. She thinks that with the help of this demand the people shall forget her corrupt activities. This is her misconception. The people of Delhi have made up their mind to dislodge the Congress Government.

            BJP has already started a Signature Campaign in Delhi demanding removal of Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit for her involvement in scams and corruption of Congress Governments. People in entire Delhi are participating with great zeal in this campaign and thousands have signed forms demanding her removal and prosecution. In view of the acrimony of the people of Delhi against Congress Government and zeal of the people in signature campaign, it has been proved that now the people do not want to see the Congress Governments of Delhi and Central even for a day.

            BJP Pradesh President told that the party is running public Awareness Campaign against Chief Minister for the last 15 months. The party has initiated movements against corruption by Delhi Government and its anti people decisions. Due to this the corrupt face of the Congress has been exposed. BJP’s movement against the Congress Government will continue untill the Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit does not resigns and the Prime Minister does not order CBI enquiry.

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