Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Unprecedented contribution to the Vishesh Sehyog Nidhi by Poorvanchal Cell

New Delhi, 3rd August.  In a function organised at BJP Delhi Pradesh Headquarters, 15 cheques of one lakh rupees each for Vishesh Sehyog Nidhi were presented to the Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta in the presence of Co-Incharge Shri Rameshwar Chaurasia.  Previously in February also Poorvanchal Cell had made highest contribution to Aajiwan Sehyog Nidhi.  The persons who presented cheques of one lakh rupees each for Vishesh Sehyog Nidhi are SarvaShri Abhey Verma, Anil Jha, Anil Upadhyaya, Chandrashekhar Rai, Dinanath Rai, Jata Shankar Gupta, Ranjit Kumar, Ranjit Singh, Santosh Ojha, Robin Sharma, Rekha Srivastava, Rajesh Kumar Singh, Pankaj Singh, Varun Chaudhary and Umesh Verma.

          Expressing his happiness, BJP Delhi Pradesh Co-Incharge Shri Rameshwar Chaurasia said that he will himself present a cheque of Rs. one lakh to the Vishesh Sehyog Nidhi from Bihar Pradesh fund.  Poorvanchal Cell President Shri Abhey Verma told that all the members of the Cell are working round the clock.  As desired by the National President they are visiting every household and contacting the people and ensuring support for the BJP.  Expressing his gratitude to the Poorvanchal Cell, Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta told that such contribution indicates the activeness of the Cell and he hopes that in future also they shall continue to contribute.

          In today's programme, Pradesh Vice President Poonam Azad, Legislators Dr. S.C.L. Gupta & Anil Jha, Councillors Santosh Bharti, Pankaj Singh, Madhav Prasad, Vinod Kumar, Dinesh Pratap Singh, Anand Trivedi, Santosh Ojha and senior workers were present.  

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