Monday, 8 August 2011


New Delhi, 8th Aug.  BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta and Co In-charge Shri Navjot Singh Sidhu have said that the report of the CAG on Commonwealth Games bungling has ashamed India in the eyes of entire world. The silence of Prime Minister on the resignation of Sheila Dikshit and the effort of the Congress to save Sheila Dikshit has blackened the face of Congress party and the Government. CAG has made it clear that Congress Government is very corrupt Government. Shri Sidhu has categorically stated that until the Chief Minister does not resign, BJP will not allow Parliament to function.

          He told that game of 76,000 crores was played in the CWG.  The share of persons like Suresh Kalmadi was only 12 thousand crores whereas 64 thousand crores were spent with the approval of GOM and Chief Minister of Delhi Shiela Diskhit. It is clear that the Group of Ministers and Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit are directly responsible for most of the recent bungling in the country. Congress Party and Central Government has been refusing any kind of enquiry into the bungling in Games. Under the pressure of the opposition, media and Supreme Court, the Prime Minister had to state in Parliament that he will not spare any guilty person.

          Under all the three aforesaid pressures the Prime Minister appointed three member, high level enquiry committee under the Chairmanship of former CAG Shri V.K. Shunglu. This committee submitted its six reports to the Prime Minister with in 3 months. These reports had accused the Central and Delhi Government of corruption. These charges have now been confirmed by the CAG. Even after that the Congress is stating that Chief Minister Shiela Dikshit has not committing any bungling. This statement of the Congress shows that it adopts double standard on corruption. When Shri George Fernandese was accused during the NDA rule then this Congress Party was in the opposition and the Congress party had made the functioning of Parliament difficult. Now, the entire Congress Government is completely surrounded by the proofs of corruption and the Government is accusing the opposition that its is not allowing Parliament to function. For how long the Congress will continue to adopt double standard?

Shri Gupta and Shri Sidhu have sought answer of the following questions from the Prime Minister and the Congress Party :-

·        Why bulbs worth Rs. 5,000 were purchased for Rs. 32,000?
·        When a new stadium could be built at the cost of Rs. 300 crores, then why Rs. 968 crores were spent on its renovation?
·        Why the buses worth Rs. 16 lakhs were purchase for Rs. 52 lakhs?
·        Why trolleys worth Rs. 70000 were purchased for Rs. 7 lakh?
·        Why trade mill worth Rs. 1 lakh was hired for Rs. 8 lakh?
·        Why 60 Lakh plants were purchased without the permission of security agencies? These plants were not utilized at all?
·        According to rules 15 percent profit should be earned by the contractor in contracts awarded by PWD & CPWD. Why the contractors who were awarded contracts in the Games earned more than 500 percent profit, with whose connivance?
·        Why the TETRA mobile sets of about 99.81 crore rupees were purchased without the permission of Delhi Police?
·        The oxygen cylinder of Rs. 6405 were purchased for Rs. 1,10,250?
·        Connaught Place was to be renovated at the cost of Rs. 76 crores. The Games concluded but 671 crore rupees are being spent on the beautification of Connaught Place?
·        How works worth Rs. 62 crores were awarded to favorite persons without inviting tenders?
·        The work on flyovers was started deliberately late so that the cost may increase by Rs. 450 crores?
·        With whose permission the bungling of 14.88 crores was committed in the name of lane indicators in Delhi?
·        How the relatives of Chief Minister Sheila Diskhit were awarded contract of Rs. 11 crores for disposal of garbage.

There are many examples of such bungling yet the Congress Government and the Congress Party say that there is no bungling in the Games? Why the Congress is not ashamed of it? 

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