Saturday, 17 September 2011


In support of 3 day good will fast started by the Chief Minister of Gujarat Shri Narendra Modi, BJP Delhi Pradesh, Minority Morcha observed symbolic fast at Jantar Mantar today. Thousands of people belonging to Minority community, women, children, sr. citizens and youth participated in it.

          Addressing the people from Minority Community observing fast on the occasion, BJP MP and National Spokespersons Sayyed Sehnawaz Hussain told that today Gujarat is the only progressive state in the country where the rate of development is more than 11 percent. During the tenure of Chief Minister Narender Modi no riot has taken place after 2008. This is the reason why Gujarat is pride of India in the entire world. Congress and other parties indulged in misinformation campaign to defame BJP and Narendra Modi but the people of country know that today Gujarat is the only state where people live in peace. Shri Modi has created such religious harmony in Gujarat which should be emulated in other states also.

          President of BJP Delhi Pradesh Minority Morcha Shri Atif Rasheed told on this occasion that BJP is the only party which is capable of protecting the minority. The works done for the welfare of Minority Community during the tenure of Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee cannot be compared with any other Government. Congress Government exploits the minority emotionally and wants that the minority may remain backward so that Congress may use them as vote bank. Now the minority community has awakened. This community is aware of the fact that BJP is the real well wisher of Minority.

          At the end of programme, Hafiz Kari Mohammad Haroon led the community prayer for the welfare of the people so that the atmosphere of peace may prevail in society. S.Shri Ashish Sood, R.P. Singh, Mahender Gupta, Abdul Rasheed Ansari, Chaudhary Irfan Ahmad, Urmila Choudhary, Dr. Anil Jain, Dr. Iqbal, Dr. Saleem, Asif Kazi, Jamaluddin Ansari, Lallan Khan, Md. Hazi Iqbal, Md. Sageer, Irfan Salmani, Shareed Alam, Fahimuddin Saifi, Jahanara Ansari, Ali Raza Bilal, Irfan Ahmad, Ali Hasan, Akram Ali, Kamal Babar etc. participated in the fast today.

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