Saturday, 17 September 2011

Resolve to dislodge this Government


 BJP SC Morcha took out Torch Possession to protest against the anti people UPA Government of Centre which has put economic burden on the people already suffering from price spiral by increasing the price of petrol by Rs. 3.14 per litre so that a message may be sent to the deaf and dumb Government that people are fed up with its atrocities. The will take revenge by defeating the Congress in the next elections.

The Torch Possession started from 14, Pt. Pant Marg under the leadership of Vijender Gupta in the evening and proceeded ahead through Gole Daankkhana. The workers were raising slogans “Mehangai Par Kabu Paao-Warna Gaddi Chhod Do, Mehangai ki aur Maar, Nahi Sahenge-Nahi Sahenge, Samprag Sarkar Nikammi Hai, Yeh Sarkar Badalni hai etc.”
Addressing the people taking part in the possession, BJP Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta told that the present Central Government claiming to be economists had promised at the coming to power of taking over the charge of Government that it will curb price rise within hundred days. Even after two and half years, price rise and disparity continues to increase. This Government is busy in looting the hard earned money of people. It has nothing to do with the interest of the people. The disparity between rich and poor has increased. The common man is not able to make both ends meet. This Government wants to break the back of the people by increasing the burden of taxes and price rise so that the common man may not raise his voice against the Government. Shri Gupta warned Central and Delhi Government that BJP is committed to dislodge this despotic and corrupt Government with the common man. The BJP workers shall fight against the atrocities of the Government.
SC Morcha President Shri Kishan Lal Dhilod told that the intentions of present Government which claims to be Government of common man, Dalits, Minority and the poor is well known to the people. The aware people know that there is difference between practice and prophesy of the Government. This Government talks about the common man but the decision are against them.  Government has hike the price of petrol by Rs.22 within the last 15 months. In near future this Government is going to hike the price of cooking gas and food grains. Now, the only option with the people is to remove this Government.

S.Shri Rajkumar Ballan, Anil Goel, Urmila Gangwal, Manoj Kashyap, Praveen Bagri, Vivek Tyagi participated in the possession.

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