Wednesday, 21 September 2011

It is impossible to feed a family of five members in Delhi for Rs. 160 per day

In place of eradicating poverty Congress wants to undo the poor - Vijender Gupta

BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that the Congress Government is bent upon undoing the poor in place of eradicating poverty hence it has in a shameful affidavit filed in the Supreme Court through Planning Commission said that a common man needs only 1776 calorie per day to live a normal life.  Hence if a poor person living in urban area earns 32 Rs. per day and a poor person living in rural area earns Rs. 26 per day then it is sufficient for his living.  The Supreme  Court has clearly directed the Government that no body should starve in the country.  If any person starve to death then the Government will be fully responsible for it.  In contrast with the Government wants to see every person below the poverty line under naurished.  The Government definition indicates towards it.

          Here the Government is falsifying its own datas.  Before this Sengupta Committee appointed by the Government had in its report said that 78% people of the country live on an earning of Rs. 20 per day.  Now according to Government estimates only 35.98 crore people are living below poverty line.  BJP has termed this data has unreliable and said that the Government is trying to mislead the Supreme Court only to cover up its failure to curb price rise and corruption.

Shri Gupta told that under a dangerous plan of Congress Government to shirk its responsibility of supporting the people living below poverty line and finish the PDS system, the Central Planning Commission has framed a new definition of urban and rural poor in its affidavit submitted in the Supreme Court.  It may be mentioned that according to international standard a healthy person requires 2400 calories of food per day.  The women need 2100 calories per day.

Common man in Delhi says that it is a new joke of the Congress Government with the poor.  No Doctor charges less than 100 Rs. fee in Delhi.  32 rupees per day is spent on conveyence and refreshment of a child.  If the Government data is correct then how can a family of five members in a city live on Rs. 160 per day.  In Delhi a person spends 32 rupees per day on bus & metro fare.  How can a family can fulfill the requirement of water, power, food, refreshment, education, health etc. for Rs. 160 per day? 

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