Friday, 2 September 2011

Government should withdrawn immediately hike in Water and Metro parking charges – Vijender Gupta

Terming the hike in Metro Parking and Water charges just after 22 percent hike in the power tariff by this anti people Government as heavy burden on the people who are already suffering due to price spiral, BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has demanded the Government that it should immediately withdraw the hike in the water charges and metro parking charges by increasing slabs otherwise Delhi BJP will start a strong movement against the Government in Delhi.

He told that after the loot in power distribution, the Delhi Government wants to privatize water supply in the capital. In some areas of South Delhi Government has assigned the work of water distribution to private companies. From 1st September, 2011 water charges have been increased by 10 percent surreptitiously. Besides increasing the rate of monthly parking passes, Delhi Metro has fixed new increased parking charges by creating slabs of 6 hours, 12 hours and more than 12 hours. From 8th September, 2011 people using metro parking will have to pay Rs. 10 for 6 hours, Rs. 15 for 12 hours and Rs. 25 for 12 hours as parking charges for each vehicle. Previously there were only two slabs for Metro Parking and the rates were also low. Congress Government has taken anti people decision to increase the Metro parking charges after increasing the Metro Rail fare.

Previously the price of Petrol and Milk was increased many times in Delhi. The price of food items have increased by 100 to 300 percent. Every article of Public consumption has gone out of reach of the common man. Majority of the people of Delhi are not getting sufficient nutrition. Education and health services are also beyond the reach of common man. Price Spiral continues even after the assurances to curb it again and again whereas the Government can take several measures to curb price spiral. The Congress is committing scams and corruption and it also looting the people at the same time.

BJP has warned Delhi Government that if it does not change its anti people and despotic behaviour then BJP will compel it to work as a democratic Government. Shri Gupta has called upon the people of Delhi that they should unite against this anti people corrupt Government and come along the BJP so that the Congress may be bid good bye forever from Delhi.

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