Tuesday, 27 September 2011

In view of forthcoming elections GoM formed by Delhi Government is playing fraud with the people of Delhi by making false announcements - Vijender Gupta

Three member GoM formed by Delhi Government is trying to mislead lakhs of citizens of Delhi by taking decisions against the previous decisions of its own Government.  Raising strong objection to the attempt of the GoM to mislead the people of Delhi, BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that in place of showing golden dreams to the people of Delhi it would have been better if the Government had taken concrete decisions which could be implemented and lakhs of people would have benefited from it.

            It may be mentioned that last week a GoM formed under the Chairmanship of Minister Raj Kumar Chauhan was assigned the work of framing development projects for Delhi in which Shri Arvinder Singh Lovely & Shri Ramakant Goswami are members.  Within a week this GoM has taken such decisions to mislead the people of Delhi which can not be implemented.  First of all this GoM decided that the Lal Dora areas of those villages will be extended which have not been extended as yet.  After that decision was taken that all the unauthorised colonies which have come up on public land will be regularised.  Yesterday this GoM decided that all the 157 colonies which have come up on the ridge and forest areas in which construction work is prohibited, will be regularised.  According to Central Government rules regarding environment no decision can be taken by the State Government which are contrary to the laws governing ridge and forest area.  Central Government has already decided that no construction work can be undertaken in the ridge and forest area.  By violating these rules lakhs of people have constructed houses in 157 unauthorised colonies in ridge and forest area of Delhi.

            Some times ago the Central Environment Ministry, Forest and Urban Development Ministry decided that the Government will in no condition declare the unauthorised colonies are regularised which have come up in forest area, ridge, Yamuna bed and on public land. Hence Delhi Government formed it task force in March, 2011 which is arresting persons who are making even a small construction in the village, unauthorised colonies and prohibited areas. Some days ago Delhi Governments, Urban Development Ministry had through an advertisement warned the people of Delhi that they should request in writing and get approval of the area SDM before starting even small construction work.  Stern action will be taken against those people who will do construction without prior approval from the Head of the Task Force of the concerned area.   It is also worth mentioning that construction of those people who are making construction outside the Lal Dora area due to increase in the population in 400 villages of Delhi are being demolished by the Police and Task Force and related persons are being sent to jail.  This is the condition of the people making construction in ridge, forest plan and yamuna bed area.  Untill the Task Force is not disbanded the decision taken by the GoM can not be implemented.  The GoM is taking such false decisions only to mislead the people which can not be implemented. 

            It may be mentioned that before the last assembly elections, Delhi Government had organized a big rally in Chhatrasal Stadium and distributed Provisional Certificates to the RWAs of 1639 unauthorized colonies of Delhi through the Congress President Sonia Gandhi with the promise that these colonies will be regularised within one and half years and all the basic amenities will be provided.  Even after more than three years the Central and Delhi Governments have not been able to regularise even a single colony which were given provisional certificates.  This case is also pending with the Court.  Shri Gupta has demanded the Delhi Government that it should stop playing fraud with the people through the GoM decisions and after taking into confidence the Central Government take all the legal decisions so that the sufferings of the people of Delhi may end.

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