Monday, 5 September 2011

BJP’s Signature Campaign from 9th Sept. demanding withdrawal of increased power tariff

BJP in favour of independent and effective Lokpal – Ravishanker Prasad

The country has awakened. People of the country want an effective Lokpal. BJP also wants an independent, impartial and effective Lokpal. Even after 64 years of independence, the Congress Government has given to the people an insecure, helpless and corrupt India. Now, we have to change this India. The people of Delhi and the country want change. BJP is with the people of country. It will strongly oppose the weak Lokpal Bill of the Government in the Standing Committee so that Prime Minister and the Government servants come within the purview of Lokpal. BJP is also in favour of Citizen’s Charter. BJP’s of the view that the conduct of the Members of Parliament outside the Parliament should be under the purview of Lokpal. The party wants that the Government side should not be dominant in the process of appointment of Lokpal so that an effective Lokpal can be appointed.

These were the views expressed by the National General Secretary and Chief Spokesperson Shri Ravishanker Prasad in the Monthly Meeting of the BJP cadre organized at Pradesh Head Quarters today. He praised the public movements of BJP Delhi Pradesh and said that the work of BJP Delhi is being appreciated in entire India including Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Gujarat. Every BJP state unit in the country work like to adopt the Delhi State as model. He told that the intentions of Congress are not clear on the issue of ending corruption from the country and appointing effective Lokpal. This is the reason why Lokpal Bill could not be passed since the year 1959 and corruption continued to increase at the instance of the Congress. Talking in detail about the CWG bungling, 2G Spectrum bungling, Shunglu Committee report, CAG report, recommendations of the Lokayukta on Rajkumar Chauhan, Cash for Vote, arbitrariness of the Governor in the appointment of Lokayukta in Gujarat, Shri Prasad told that after coming to power BJP has implemented Public Service Law in Madhya Pradesh and Bihar. Under this law if any Government servant does not perform his work with in a stipulated time then will he be liable to a fined Rs.250 per day due to delay by his negligence.

Despite heavy rain, workers from all over Delhi assembled in large numbers. In the first stage of programme, Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta asked for reports from all the 14 Districts. The District Presidents informed in detail about their public movements and future plans in their respective Districts. BJP workers present on this occasion resolved that they will rest only after ending the corruption of Congress Government. Shri Gupta told that on the 9th Sep, BJP will start a Signature Campaign to protest against hike in power tariff. He further told that in spite of heavy profit earned by the private Power Companies, Delhi Government has imposed burden in the form of 22 percent hike in power tariff. Delhi will have to face far reaching consequences of it. The Congress Government wants that in the coming years about 40 thousand rupees be recovered from each power consumer by increasing power tariff. This way the Government will recover 8800 crore rupees from the people. He told that power theft has been prevented up to 34 percent after the privatization of power in Delhi. Due to this the power companies have earned 6000 crore rupees every year in addition. According to the agreement, this profit should have been shared with the people by reducing power tariff, but the Government, in place of decreasing the power tariff, has hiked it due to its connivance with power companies.

National General Secretary Shri Vijay Goel, Secretary Vani Tripathi, Prof. Jagdish Mukhi, Vishakha Shailani, Prithavi Raj Sahani and Pradesh Officebearers, District Presidents, Mandal Presidents, Morcha and Cell Officebearers, Members of Pradesh working committee, many Legislators, Councillors and senior workers participated in the meeting today.

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