Friday, 23 September 2011

Consumers suffering and power companies benefiting


 With the connivance of the Government all the three power companies are looting the power consumers by both hands.  The companies are serving hefty power bills to the consumers by preparing bills in an arbitrary manner.  Due to this there is great hue & cry in entire Delhi.

          It may be mentioned that the companies which are earning heavy profit of crores annually have submitted manipulated ARR to the DERC and related agency.  The former Chairman of DERC had found last year that the power companies have earned profit of more than six thousand crores in the year 2010 .  Hence he was in favour of reducing power tariff in Delhi.  After his retirement the new Chairman of DERC P.D. Sudhakar recommended increase of 22% power tariff to the Delhi Government relying on the accounts submitted by the power companies.  Since the Government is in connivance with the power companies hence it immediately announced hike in power tariff.  Taking advantage of this announcement the companies have started looting the consumers.

          The issue of hike in power tariff is under the consideration of Delhi High Court.  Inspite of this the power companies have increased the power load of all the houses on the basis of two bills of highest amount of a year paid by the consumers.  Now the bill being sent to the consumers have been prepared on the basis of increased loads.  Every body knows that during the summer season people use airconditioners in their houses.  Hence during these days the power consumption is the highest.  To fix the load on the basis of the bills of summer season is not justified in any way.  BJP openly opposes this arbitrariness of the companies. 

          BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has demanded that till all the accounts of the power companies are not audited by the CAG from 1st July, 2002 the inflated bills should not be served on the consumers.  CAG should also continue audit of the companies in future.  Delhi Government thought that by giving no objection to the CAG audit its responsibility has been fulfilled but it is necessary to mention here that the audit of the accounts of power companies can not be done by the CAG till necessary amendments are not made in the related power laws. The tariff fixation committee had said that the DERC should form a separate agency for the audit of power companies.  Such agency has neither been formed by the DERC nor by the Delhi Government. The consumers are suffering and the companies are benefiting. 

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