Thursday, 22 September 2011

Profit making behaviour of Congress Government will lead to exploitation of the common man - Vijender Gupta

There are indications that Government will end subsidy on cooking gas, diesel, power, fertilizer, food grains supplied through PDS  if this happens than it will adversely affect the poor and the common men of the country and Delhi.  After the end of subsidy a cooking gas cylinder will cost 700 rupees.  Diesel will also become costly by Rs. 6 per litre.  After ending subsidy power will become costly by at least Rs. 2 per unit. BJP is keeping close watch on the Govt. if such kind of decision is taken. BJP will oppose this kind of anti people decision and will launch agitations strongly.

          BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that now the Government is behaving like a profit making businessmen and going to make life of the commonman difficult.  Congress Government is planning for completely end subsidy for the poor and the farmers w.e.f. 1st April, 2012 the date on which the 12th Five Year Plan will launched. It has also decided to import coal at three times higher rates inspite of the fact that there is sufficient deposits of coal in the country.  Due to this the Government will further increase the power tariff by 50 paise per unit in entire country. 

          There are indications that the Government will abolish PDS system in entire country and will provide cash subsidy in place of the food grains being distributed through PDS only to some people in the name of the poor.  Hence the Government has framed unrealistic definition of the people living below poverty line through the Planning Commission in a clever way.  Under this definiation a person earning less than Rs. 32 per day in urban areas and a person earning Rs. 26 per day in a rural areas will be treated as poor by the Planning Commission.  The benefit of subsidy will be provided by the Government only to some people below the poverty line. 

          After ending subsidy from cooking gas the Government will supply only four to five cylinders to the common man.  If any family requires more than this then that family will have to purchase it from the open market at higher rates.  For this purpose the private distributors have already started manufacturing coloured cylinders.  The price of a cylinder of 14 kg cooking gas will be at least Rs. 800 in open market.  The distributor will also recover Rs. one thousand as the price of the cylinder.

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