Monday, 26 September 2011

Home Minister P. Chidambaram, responsible for the death of Rajbala should be charged for murder - Vijender Gupta

Expressing his deep sorrow over the death of Mrs. Rajbala in local G.B. Pant Hospital today in the morning who was injured in barbaric lathi charge by the Delhi Police on the followers of Baba Ramdev in the mid-night of 4th June 2011 in Delhi's Ramlila Maidan, BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that the death of Rajbala has exposed the cruel face of Congress Government.  Shri Gupta has demanded filing murder case against the Home Minister P. Chidambaram for the death of Rajbala.

            He told that the Congress which claims to follow the Gandhian path, that Congress Government lathi charged the children, women, old persons without any warning in the mid-night of 4th June.  The Police also opened fire whereas the Satyagrahis did not provoked them.  According to reliable sources Home Minister P. Chidambaram himself ordered the Police Commissioner that Police action should be taken against the followers of Baba Ramdev and Ramlila Maidan should be got vacated within two hours.  Under these orders the Police acted in a barbaric manner and eye-witnesses say that this was more barbaric than the Jalianwala Bagh incident. 

            Baba Ramdev has said that the Police wanted to crush him to death on that day.  Before the Police could succeed in its conspiracy, Ramdev jumped from the stage and after putting on clothes of a woman, he could save his life somehow.  Due to the lathi charge of the Police the neck of Mrs. Rajbala was broken.  Her backbone and both the legs were also broken.  She was admitted to L.N.J.P. Hospital's Emergency Ward.  When her condition deteriorated then she was shifted to Neuro Surgery Department of G.B. Pant Hospital.  Rajbala was on Ventilator just after her operation and was fighting for life from the very first day.  After four months of struggle Rajbala died today.  Her sacrifice will not go in vain.  The people will dislodge the Congress Government which had shed the blood of innocent persons.

              Praying for the peace of the soul of Rajbala, BJP Pradesh President has demanded the Government that her family members should be paid Rs. 10 lakh as compensation immediately.  Government should also order high level judicial enquiry into this incident so that the real culprits occupying high levels in the Government may be exposed.  He also claimed that the Government has been changing its statement time & again.  Previously it was told that there was danger of terrorists on the Satyagrahis of Baba Ramdev hence Ramlila Maidan was got vacated by force.  After some time the Government clarified that on 5th & 6th June lakhs of people were likely to assemble in Ramlila Maidan.  Hence the Maidan was got vacated in the night.  It is worth mentioning that the Police had granted permission to Baba Ramdev upto 5 p.m. of 6th June for Satyagraha.  Inspite of this permission what was the emergency that the Government lathi charged the Satyagrahis, opened firing and fired tear gas shells on them in a enclosed pandal.

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