Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Latest CAG report disclosures: Bungling of crores in various departments of Delhi Government

BJP demands Lt. Governor to take stern action on latest disclosures of corruption in CAG report

BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has demanded the Lt. Governor of Delhi should take the comments made by the CAG in its report submitted in the Legislative Assembly on the working of Delhi Government seriously and he should recommend high level impartial judicial enquiry into the corruption and bungling in various departments of the Government.  In the report prepared for the Lt. Governor by the CAG various irregularities of crores have been revealed with the proof.  Taking advantage of the opportunity the Government placed the report on the table of the House on the last day of monsoon session so that the expelled Legislators of BJP may not raise their voice in the House against the corruption.

            It has been reported by the CAG that in the PWD department of Delhi Government unfair and extra payment of 1.5 crore rupees was made to the Consultant.  Even the Divisional Authority has paid to the Consultant 30.25 lakh rupees in excess deliberately. The PWD adopted corrupt ways to benefit the contractors by changing the rates of contract.  Due to this the cost of the project was raised by Rs. 1.48 crore and due to cost escalation Contractors got extra payment of 40 lakh rupees. The same department in violation of the PWD manual assigned work to its favourite contractors at 10% higher rates.  Due to this the contractor got benefit of 1.27 crore rupees.

            The Consultant firm appointed by the Government for the construction of 100 bed hospital in Vasant Kunj, made wrong recommendations and decided for the construction of Liver and Billiary Sciences Institute in place earmarked for Hospital.  For this wrong advise the Consultant was deliberately paid extra amount of 2.34 crore rupees.  The CAG has reported that the 1163 flats in the Kalyanwasi Colony constructed by PWD are substandard.  It is dangerous for any family to live in these flats.  Inspite of this the Government has allotted these houses to the people. These people are endangering their life by living in these flats.  Bungling of crores has been committed in the construction of these houses.

            Shri Vijender Gupta told that the CAG in its report has said that health equipments worth Rs. 75 lakhs are rotting in LNJP Hospital for the last nine years.  These health equipments were not utilized for the patients and they have become useless.  VAT was not recovered from the people who purchased scrap from DTC.  There was deliberate delay in investment of EPF amount of the employees.  DTC did not utilise the benefit of monthly pass on Delhi-Gurugaon Express Way.  The engineers, consultants, contractors who caused loss of crores of rupees to the PWD of Delhi Government were awarded.  These people were given benefit of lakhs of rupees.  Shri Gupta told that the most corrupt Government of Delhi has lost its moral, legal and constitutional right to continue in office.

            It has also been disclosed in the CAG report that in the year 2005-06 the maximum demands of power in Delhi was 3556 mw.  At that time power production in Delhi was 994.5 mw.  In the end of the year 2009-10 the maximum demand of power was 4464 mw whereas the production by the Government plants declined to 735 mw.  Due to declined in production the cost of production per unit increased from Rs. 2.44 to 3.38.  The CAG has also found that power plants, GTPS and RTPS were producing less power, but the consumption of coal in these plants had increased sharply.  These plants consumed fuel of more than 107.67 crores in a single year.

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