Monday, 21 May 2012

BJP will launch big movement if the problem of power & water continues – Vijender Gupta

Sternly warning the Delhi Government, BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that if efforts on war-footing are not made to solve the problem of water & power in the capital then BJP will launch big movement in entire Delhi. People of Khanjawala, Rohini & Dwarka are facing scarcity of water for months. Thusannds of people of Poothkalan ward craving for few drops of water, blocked the traffic on Khanjawala Road in the morning under the leadership of BJP Couuncilor Devender Solanki. Even before this the people of area blocked the traffic on Khanjhawala Road twice protesting against scarcity of power & water, but the problem remains unsolved. 

Shri Gupta told that with the connivance between Delhi Government and DERC, the power companies have been allowed to increase power tariff by 37%. People are facing shortage of power & water in this scorching summer season even after paying hefty power bills. The Chief Miister has to say that the problem is beyond her control hence nothing can be done. The CEO of the private power company BSES (Rajdhani) has said that Delhi is getting less quantity of power because Haryana & UP are drawing more power from the grid. Hence we are resorting to load shedding in the capital. 

Pradesh President has raised a question to the Chief Minister of Delhi that she had announced summer action plan for water & power in the month of March itself and claimed that sufficient arrangement for water & power has been made. People of Delhi will not face any problem of power & water during the summer season. Where is that action plan? When the power companies recover fuel surcharge every third month for purchasing costly power then it is their responsibility that the people are supplied power 24 hours. 

Delhi Government had framed a rule that the power companies will have to pay penalty for undeclared power cuts. But this rule has not been implemented as yet. The Government has not penalized any company for undeclared power cuts. The Government is so much in favour the power companies that it gave bailout package of 500 crores to them, but the problem remains unsolved. In this situation what is the justification of recovering fuel surcharge? 

BJP Pradesh President has alleged that Government is deliberately hindering supply of water to the people of Delhi in this scorching summer season so that it may privatized the water supply on this pretext and earn crores. It is the responsibility of the Government to provide basic amenities like power & water to the two crore people of Delhi. Had the Government been cautious then it could have arranged for sufficient power & water before the onset of summer. The Government remained inactive and the summer action plan was issued on papers only. The people have understood the reality of that plan. Actually no such plan was framed, then how it could be implemented?

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