Saturday, 12 May 2012

Why fuel surcharge when there is power cut


BJP has said that in spite of all the claims by the Chief Minister, DERC and the Power Companies, there is shortage of power in Delhi. The people are sweating even after paying hefty power bills. BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has demanded the Government and DERC that they should immediately issue the Summer Action Plan and Road Map related to sufficient power for the capital so that the people may be able to know the reality about it. 

He told that the power companies are recovering fuel surcharge from the consumers at the rate of 7 percent every third month in lieu of purchasing costly power from outside for the people of Delhi due to shortage of power in the capital. This year the companies have already recovered fuel surcharge twice from the people. Yet the people are not being supplied power. This way fuel surcharge is being recovered from the people but they are not being supplied power. At present the maximum demand for power in Delhi has gone up to 4200 MW but there is shortage of 500 MW everyday due to which there is darkness in many areas of Delhi. Now, what is the justification of recovering fuel surcharge when there is shortage of power? 

Shri Vijender Gupta further told that few days ago the DERC had invited the people for hearing. The people had demanded that until the accounts of the power companies are not audited by the CAG, the companies should not be allowed to increase power tariff and fuel surcharge. Even after that, the DERC allowed the power companies to recover fuel surcharge of 7 percent. Even Delhi Government did not protest against this decision. Now, the people are living without power even after paying for costly electricity. 

The power companies have not implemented performance standards as agreed upon. They are not ready for transparent enquiry. Delhi Government had framed rule that when the companies shall resort to undeclared power cuts then they shall be penalized. No company has been penalized for power cuts till date. It has been written in the agreement with the companies that they shall not show technical and commercial losses simultaneously. According to National Tarrif Policy technical loss and commercial loss should be shown separately. The companies are showing both the losses simultaneously because they take advantage from it. The companies are not implementing certificate system also. Under this system the companies are required to show certificate for purchasing costly power. The reality is that the power companies purchase cheap thermal power and show them as solar power and loot the people. They have not implemented certificate system due to it. This has also been included in the agreement that after 2006, new power companies shall be allowed in the business of power supply. But due to connivance between the Government and DERC, not a single power companies has been given opportunity to work in Delhi. The three power companies of Delhi have monopoly in the distribution of power and are looting the people by showing loss due to misrepresentation of facts.

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