Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Terming the data of census operations issued by Delhi Government as an attempt of Delhi Government to mislead the people, BJP has said that the data of census operations do not match the data of the various departments of the Government and Delhi statistical departments. According to the census operations, only 5 percent people of Delhi depend for water of tankers whereas the data of Delhi Jal Board show that 20 percent people of Delhi are not supplied piped water. These people depend on private sources and tankers. 

BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that if one takes the data of the census operation to be true then the condition of the capital is hellish. The Government has not provided sewer connections to about 41 percent houses of the capital. The sewer system provided in the city is also in bad shape. The conditions have become so worse that even in posh areas of New Delhi, the sewer over flows which spreads foul smell, disease and filth. During the rainy season, the sewer water overflows on the roads. Lack of toilets in about 10.5 percent houses of the capital of India is matter of shame for Delhi Government. 

This data is also surprising for us that in the computer age only 29.1 houses of Delhi have the facility of computer or laptop. Questions have been raised on the facilities of education and health in the capital because in West District only 24 school or college is available for every 10,000 houses. The same is the condition of health services. These services have not been provided according to the population of the area. Whatever facilities are there, these are not working properly. On the one hand people are craving for houses on rent but on the other 11 percent houses are vacant. The census is silent on the condition of Yamuna River which is the lifeline of the capital because if the reality comes out then the people shall come in the streets protesting against the Government. The same is the truth about incidents of crime which are being committed in broad day light in Delhi. 

A woman is the Chief Minister of Delhi for the last 13.5 years and the incidents of girl child feticide is being reported. This is the reason that the number of girls has sharply decreased in comparison with the number of boys during the last 3 years. Now in Delhi for 1000 boys there are only 866 girls. These data show the failure of LADLI Yojna of Delhi Government. There has been 7 percent increase in the number of people using private cars in Delhi. Only 60 percent people get pure drinking water in the South Delhi which is a posh area. Even today 9 percent houses have no supply of electricity. Only 37 percent people use public transport. This is the reason why there is situation of jam for 18 hours on every road of Delhi. The data of census operations have cleverly concealed the numbers of rich, poor, very poor, helpless and people sleeping in the open sky. This census is also mum on price spiral. The women, senior citizens and children are fully insecure in Delhi which has not been mentioned in the census data. According to the Police sources everyday 18 children go missing in Delhi. Capital has also become haven of rapists. Now Delhi Government has imposed 6 percent Tax on 50 lakh people of unauthorized colonies for getting Power of Attorney registered whereas these people do not get any facility from the Government.

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