Saturday, 26 May 2012

Power companies are playing dirty game with the people


New Delhi, 26th May. Two crore people of the capital are facing heat wave at 45°c and the Private Power Companies are resorting to undeclared load shedding in the name of shortage of supply and are earning crores of rupees within a month. BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has demanded the Lt. Governor to order a high level enquiry into this game of power cuts at peak hours. 

He told that for the last 20 days, the power companies are resorting to power cuts for long hours. At present the temperature in the capital has reached 45°c but the power companies have no sympathy for the people of Delhi. In spite of the fact that Delhi Government and DERC are aware of it, the power companies are doing this deliberately. These companies are selling power meant for Delhi at the rate of Rs. 5 to 8 per unit to neighboring States like UP, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttrakhand, Punjab and Himachal and earning heavy profit. 

These companies are earning double profit during this scorching summer season. On the one hand they are selling power meant for Delhi to other states and on the other hand they are recovering 7 to 14 percent additional tariff every third month in the name of fuel surcharge from the power consumers of Delhi in the name of purchasing power at high rates. The power meters are already running fast. In a test conducted by the Government it has been found that the electronic power meters are recording higher power consumption. The Government has gifted assets of the former Delhi Vidhyut Board to the private power companies. These companies have further sold immovable properties to commercial developers, which is illegal because it violates the original power agreement with the Government in 2002. 

This way the private power companies are earning by both hands and the people of Delhi are sweating during the heat wave even after paying hefty power bills. The DERC and the State Government are aware about this conspiracy but they are mum. The power companies have not shown in their annual income and expenditure statement that how much other states getting power from the northern grid purchased power from these companies and how much they earned from it?

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