Friday, 11 May 2012

Work of regularization pushed back by the Government


New Delhi, 11th May. BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has demanded that Government should tell the people by which date the unauthorized colonies shall be regularized and give freehold rights to the people of these colonies.
BJP has said that on the occasion of every election, the Government plays game with the 40 lakh people of unauthorized colonies. This time also Delhi Cabinet has played fraud with the people. All the three Ministers and the Chief Minister have done the work of putting old wine in new bottle. Government has deliberately pushed back the work of regularization of the colonies. With this decision of the cabinet, the Government is cheating lakhs of people of unauthorized colonies and it will also result in loss of revenue to the Government.    
Pradesh President has sought answer to the following questions from the Government:
·       The cabinet has decided to regularize 1018 colonies that were given provisional certificates. It should tell by when the freehold rights will be given?
·       Will the map of these colonies be required to be reapproved?
·       Will the work of pucca legal construction be allowed in these colonies?
·        Government is claiming to make available the Ariel Survey Photographs of 2007 from the Urban Development Departments within 2 months. Government should tell why it sat over the Ariel Survey Photographs for about 5 years?  How it will complete all the legal formalities within 2 months now?
·       The Minister of the Government Rajkumar Chauhan had wrongly allotted the work of fixing boundaries of the colonies to Indraprastha University. There was no expert for this work and they did not have experience of such works. Due to this, the boundaries of not a single colony could be fixed. The Government should also tell why such work was given to IP University without considering the relevant facts. Has any bungling been committed in this work?
·       Government should also tell by which date of a particular year all the unauthorized colonies shall be regularized. People of Delhi do not trust the Government. It wants a deadline for regularization from the Government.  
·       Why the Government has stopped registration of GPA, Agreement to Sale, Will etc. in the unauthorized colonies. Due to this the work of sale-purchase of property has stopped in these colonies. Money paid by lakhs of people is stuck up and there is question about the title of the property itself. There is confusion among the people about the legality of the transaction?
·       Government should tell what happened to the enquiry of about 125 fictitious colonies, the list of which was given by the MCD? Has the Government taken action to punish any guilty person till date?

Pradesh President told that in view of the next Assembly Elections the Government has become restless. It is trying to play fraud with 40 lakh people. Even today the people of unauthorized colonies are compelled to live in hellish conditions. There is no arrangement for drinking water, sufficient water, sewer system, drainage, schools, hospitals, parks, disaster management, security etc. even today. There is no sewerage in 95 percent unauthorized colonies and there is no provision of pure drinking water in 90 percent of these colonies. In addition there is no arrangement for employment, security of women etc. Government is only showing golden dreams. There is nothing new in the cabinet decision dated 10th May, 2012. Government is patting its back by saying old things in new words. It may not help the people of unauthorized colonies. 

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