Monday, 7 May 2012

Demand for CBI enquiry into the scam

Text book scam of crores with the connivance of Education Department 

Due to gross negligence and corruption in the Education Department of Delhi Government lakhs of students of private and Government schools of Delhi have not been supplied text books by the Delhi Text Book Bureau even after one month of the start of the session. The same is the condition of the books of NCERT. The students are becoming victim of depression due to the negligence on the part of Government. Text book scam is being committed with the connivance of Education Department for the last ten years. 

BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that the students of Delhi suffer due to misdeeds of the officers of Education Department of Delhi and the NCERT. Inspite of the fact that no changes have been made in the text book, the bureau is not in a position to reprint the text books. For the last ten years, the education session starts from the 1st April every year, but the students get the text books in the month of July-August or even end of year. 

The text book distributor of Delhi have to say that the scarcity of Government books is due to a planned conspiracy. According to sources the corrupt officers provide CD of the books to private printers after taking bribe. These private printers print books on sub-standard papers and supply books at high rates. These books are so sub-standard that their binding cracks and the pages come out in few days. 

Parents and the suffering students told that they have to again get their books bound so that they may able to use them. Yesterday, the Police caught a truck full of Government text books in Ghaziabad. The owner of the truck could not be arrested, but the driver was arrested. The truck was full of text books. These books were being taken to various areas of NCERT secretly. The Government press deliberately work slowly so that the books of the private printers may be sold in the market. Government books come in the market in the month of August or even end of year and by then the private publishers earn heavy profit. 

Delhi has been divided in 28 areas for the distribution of text books. Firstly one distributor was appointed for each area. Now this rule has been changed and only one distributor is appointed for all the 28 areas for the distribution of books. This is also one of the reason for scarcity of books. Shri Gupta further told that this text book scam is being committed in a planned way for the last ten years. The CBI should investigate in this matter.

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