Thursday, 24 May 2012

People of Delhi should participate in the Delhi Bandh of BJP to protest against steep hike in price of petrol and teach the Government a lesson – Vijender Gupta

Delhi BJP will stage Bandh in the entire capital on the 31st May on the call of Bharat Bandh by NDA’s working President Shri Lal Krishna Advani to protest against the steepest price hike in the price of Petrol after independence by the anti people Congress Government. Party President Shri Vijender Gupta has called upon the people of Delhi to protest against the steep hike of Rs. 7.54 in the price of Petrol by participating in the Delhi Bandh coming in the streets and also stage Dharna-Demonstration so that the paralyzed Government may be compelled to withdraw the decision to increase the price of petrol.

Shri Gupta told that since the UPA Government came to power in 2009 it has hiked the price of petrol, diesel, cooking gas, kerosene many times and compelled the people to suffer price spiral. The climax came when just after the session of Parliament, the Government slapped steepest hike in the price of petrol on completion of its 3rd year. After coming to power for the second time in 2009 the Government has increased the price of petrol by Rs.22 within 3 years. This hike has been done at the time when the price of crude is decreasing the international market. At this time the price of petrol should have been decreased. Contrary to it by increasing the price of petrol Government has fueled price hike.

The people of India shall remember this price hike by the Congress Government for long time. He further told that the Government is going to increase the price of diesel and kerosene in near future. If this is done then it will break the back of the people. Even today 60 percent of the people in Delhi do not get nutritious food. After further increase in the prices people will compelled to go without food. Poor people shall migrate out of Delhi in large numbers which will adversely affect the economic and social system of Delhi

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