Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Savita Gupta elected Mayor of South Delhi Municipal Corporation, secured 66 votes

Today BJP succeeded in getting its candidate Smt. Savita Gupta elected to the post of Mayor of South Delhi Municipal Corporation who secured 66 votes and defeated Congress candidate Smt. Phool Kali by a margin of 20 votes and other posts in the South Delhi Municipal Corporation. With the election of Smt. Savita Gupta all the three Mayors of the three Municipal Corporations of Delhi are from BJP. It will help the Party in the all-round development of Delhi. The post of Deputy Mayor went to Beer Singh of BSP. Four candidates of the BJP who were elected as members of Standing Committee are SarvaShri Rajesh Gehlot, Anil Sharma, Simmi Jain and M. Nagrajan. 

Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has heartily congratulated the victorious candidates for the post of Mayor and other posts in South Delhi Municipal Corporation and the people of Delhi. He told that the way in which the people of Delhi have reposed their faith in BJP, the Party will fully respect it. The Party will make best efforts to provide all the facilities through the three Corporations for which the people of Delhi are entitled. People will not have to run from pillar to post for their works done. 

It may be mentioned that the Congress had secured only 29 seats in the South Delhi Municipal Corporation whereas 53 seats were required for a majority. Congress did not accept defeat even after securing only one third of the seats and tried all its tactics to capture the South Delhi Municipal Corporation. First of all Congress Party tried to field its own candidate for the post of Mayor but in view of its certain defeat Congress change its tactics and it supported the Nationalist Congress Party candidate Smt. Phool Kali for the post of Mayor. It made the election interested. In the voting today, BJP Savita Gupta secured 66 votes and NCP’s Phool Kali could manage only 46 votes.

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