Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Luxurious flats constructed with public fund become residence of high profile officers

Lokayukta should enquire into the auction of Games village flats at high price – Vijender Gupta 

BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has demanded enquiry by the Lokayukta of Delhi into the conspiracy of corporate houses, PSU and Delhi State Cooperative Banks etc. who purchased 110 flats constructed for the stay of players during the 19th CWG at more than the market rates in auction. Shri Gupta has also demanded that the Corporate houses, PSUs and other Government agencies should not be allowed to participate in the auction or allotment process of the flats constructed by the DDA. Such institutions should be allotted land under Co-operative Group Housing schemes. 

BJP has demanded high level enquiry into the auction of DDA flats on 21st May for the Games village constructed on the banks of Yamuna. Pradesh President Shri Gupta has said that if this auction is made a precedents then the Corporate houses, Government officers, PSUs and high profile persons may be able to acquire luxurious flats constructed in the country and the common man will not be able to get residential accommodation at developed locations even after paying the cost demanded by the developing agencies. Hence it is necessary that the persons involved in the conspiracy under which the flats of Games village have been auctioned by the DDA should be exposed and they may be sternly punished so that in future no body may be able to commit such scam. 

There are 1168 residential flats in 34 towers of the Games village. Out of this 723 residential flats are with the DDA. These are high-tech flats with all the amenities which are located near Akshardham temple and are example of good architecture with good connectivity, swimming pools, clubs etc. 24-hous power and water supply with security is available here. These flats are better and bigger than the 1982 Asian Games flats. These flats were the target of high profile persons under the Government, higher officers, Banks, Government undertakings etc. These people framed a plan with the connivance of DDA so that no individual may be able to take part in the auction of these flats. Hence the initial bid for these flats was started at 40% higher than the market price so that small purchaser may not take part in the auction and this happen. 

The most costly flat out of 87 flats out of 110 flats auctioned has been purchased for the Congress Legislator Bijender Singh who is the Chairman of Delhi State Cooperative Bank at the cost of Rs. 7.5 crores. The Oil & Gas Companies like Indian Oil, ONGC, HPCL etc. who complain about losses every day have purchased 30 luxury flats for their officers. SBI has purchased 32 flats for its officers and HPL has purchased one dozen flats after paying 24% more price than the normal auction price and ensured that these flats are purchased by it. 

Shri Gupta has said that if the housing organizations under the Government start ensuring Corporate Land Bank for Government officers, PSUs, ruling class leaders, oil companies etc. then the common man will not get flats at good places even after paying proper price for it. If this evil practice is not stopped immediately then the consequence will be dangerous. The Government agencies in other States shall commit scams in the allotment of flats by making auction by the DDA a precedent. 

It is surprising that many companies had applied to purchase in one lump-sum all the 110 flats of DDA, but the DDA replied that these flats shall be allotted separately in individual auction so that the problem of housing may be solved in Delhi. But what happened was contrary to it and the high profile persons purchased these flats which were constructed with the hard earned money of the people. Now the officers may be able to enjoy these flats constructed at the cost of exchequer till their retirement.

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