Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Ground water in Delhi becomes toxic

Yamuna water remains polluted even after spending 1800 crore rupees – Vijender Gupta 

New Delhi, 16th May. BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has expressed his grave concern over pollution in the ground water of Delhi and the Yamuna river which has turned into a dirty drain and has demanded Central and Delhi Governments that they should jointly frame a time-bound scheme to end pollution in the ground water of Delhi and Yamuna river and hand over this work to experts so that Yamuna river flowing through Delhi may be cleaned and the ground water may become worth drinking. 

Shri Gupta told that National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) has issued a report recently in which it has been mentioned that in the samples of ground water in South Delhi, South-West Delhi and Central North Delhi, the quantity of fluoride and nitrate is more than the prescribed limit. Due to this there is danger of digestive and bone diseases among the people drinking water from bore well in these areas. NEERI has also found that there is dangerous quantity of lead in the ground water near Najafgarh drain and the ground water in East Delhi is not worth drinking. 

Shri Gupta told that on the one hand the ground water of Delhi has become toxic and on the other the water of Yamuna which is called the life line of Delhi is not worth drinking. Even after spending 1800 crore rupees the water of Yamuna has become more toxic. The difficulty is that 75% people of Delhi depend upon the drinking water supplied by DJB. Even the water supplied by DJB has been found to be polluted. In this situation whom should the people of Delhi trust for the supply of pure drinking water. 

Shri Gupta told that now the Delhi Government has framed third action plan for cleaning Yamuna on the previous two action plans, 1800 crore rupees were wasted. Now the Government is going to spend 1656 crore rupees on the third action plan. But it is not certain that the water of Yamuna will become worth drinking even after this plan. Shri Gupta has demanded that it should fix the responsibility of third Yamuna Action plan so that in case of any failure the persons responsible for it may be punished because 1656 crore rupees are going to spent on this plan. This fund will be from the hard earned money of the people. Hence the people have right to get the account for every paisa of their hard earned money.

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