Thursday, 3 May 2012

BJP’s objective is to make Delhi a developed capital

All the three Corporations shall work from first day for all-round development of Delhi – BJP

BJP has said that the victory of the Party Mayors in all the three Corporations has paved the way for uniform development of Delhi.  The priority of the Party is that  the capital may have sufficient number of public toilets, parking, sanitation facilities, high standard and modern primary education, computerized education system etc. so that Delhi may look like a capital of a developed country.

The aforesaid statement was given by BJP Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta and all the three Mayors Smt. Meera Aggarwal, Savita Gupta & Annapurna Mishra in a press conference today.  Shri Gupta told that all the three Mayors should give highest priority to the all-round development of Delhi which is the expectation of BJP.  They have demanded the Government that each Councilors should be given fund of one crore rupees in addition to the present fund for the development of the area.  He told that even after 15 months due to lax attitude and red-tapism in Delhi Government, the report of the Fourth Finance Commission has not been published.  Only interim report has been published.  Due to lax attitude of Delhi Government it seems that one more year will elapse for the final report.  Many difficulties are being faced in the way of all-round development of Delhi because the report of the Finance Commission has not been received.  In its interim report the Commission has complained that the Government could not provide office space and staff to the Commission even after one year of the formation of Commission.  The Government took two years to issue statutory notification for initiating the work.  Due to these things the Commission faced many difficulties in starting its work.

Shri Gupta demanded Delhi Government that it should immediately pay the dues of 2305 crores to the Corporation so that this fund may be utilized for the development of Delhi.  Government should also grant sufficient fund to strengthen the financial position of the three Corporations so that they may be able to build Delhi and ensure its uniform development.  He told that BJP wants to construct large number of public toilets and parking lots so that no body faces difficulty in getting public convenience and parking lots.  The three Mayors shall submit proposal for constructing public toilets and parking lots on the PWD roads and around Central Government buildings after consulting the PWD and Central Government.  It will help the people in getting the aforesaid facilities near their work place.

He further told that the Delhi Government has not accepted its defeat in the Corporation elections.  Hence it has started treating the three Corporations in step-motherly way from the very 1st day.  The Government which gives bail-out package of 500 crore rupees to the power companies earning profit, why that Government is not providing grant to the three Corporations in place of granting loan?  By putting economic burden on the Corporations, the Government wants to earn interest of 200 crore rupees every year.  Is it proper?

All the three Corporations shall work in the direction of making Delhi fully literate and healthy State.  All the schools of the Corporations shall be provided high standard education and academic atmosphere.  Sufficient and proper arrangements for seating of the children shall be made.  All the children shall be given computer training so that they may make their future bright.  BJP is also trying to provide complete health care to its citizens of Delhi.  It is the effort of the Party through the Corporations to install moderned medical equipment in the hospitals.  The Corporations shall also try to open new schools and hospitals in the areas which lack such facilities.

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