Saturday, 15 December 2012


BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has termed ‘Annashri Yojna’ started by Delhi Government as election stunt and said that Congress Government has always been making such inducement to the people on the occasion of every election to secure their votes. But after the elections the people get nothing. 

On the occasion of Assembly Election in the year 2008, Delhi Government had distributed provisional certificates to the RWAs of unauthorised colonies of Delhi through Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. Not a single colony had been regularised till date. Government had also promised to provide full meal to the poor people for Rs. 15, supply cheap pulses and flour, free gas connection, free houses to the people under Rajiv Ratna Aawas Yojna. What happened to these promises? 

Shri Gupta told that the way in which Congress party had on the occasion of last 3 Assembly Elections made hollow promises to the people of Delhi, the same way it has started Annashri Yojna to cheat the poor people before the 2013 Assembly Elections. This scheme will also fail because news about discrimination and corruption in this scheme are being heard. 

On 14th December, Delhi Government has published advertisements in all the newspapers claiming that 15 lakh families of Delhi shall be paid 600 rupees per month as subsidy under the ‘Annashri Yojna’ from 15th December. Government should clarify that what standard has been adopted for selecting these families under this scheme? If the Government has selected 15 lakh families then it should publish the list of these 15 lakh families. Government should also say whether a family can maintain itself with the help of 600 rupees? In the times of price rise when pulses are being sold at the rate of rupees 100 per kg. and sugar 43 rupees per kg. then how a family can maintain itself with the help of 600 rupees.

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