Thursday, 27 December 2012


BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has asked 10 questions to the Government on the subject of treatment of the gang rape victim girl, failure of the Government and the police security in Delhi etc. The people of Delhi want answer to these questions.

1. In the night of 25th December, the victim girl suffered heart attack. She went into coma. Why the Government concealed this fact from the people and media?

2. The victim girl was suddenly and secretly shifted to Singapore for Intestine transplantation in very serious condition without any planning. Why this work was not done 10 days ago in a planned manner?

3. Why the reason of dispute between the SDM and the Police has not been made public? Why the statement of the victim girl was taken twice?

4. Police Constable Subhash Chandra Tomar was brought to RML Hospital after heart attack. Why the preliminary examination report and the discharge documents after his death have not been made public?

5. Why there is contradiction between Hospital Administration and Delhi Police regarding the reasons of the death of Tomar?

· Why the Public Transport System of Delhi is so much chaotic and dilapidated even after spending hundreds of crores on it?

· Five years ago the Government had promised about fitting GPS system and CCTV cameras in all the public transport buses and auto rickshaws. On this basis the Bus fare was increased and costly buses were purchased. What happened to those promises?

6. Within 7 hours of the death of Subhash Tomar, how the Police rejected the report of RML Hospital without waiting for the Post Mortem report?

7. Why the Police failed to control the mob of agitated youth on 23rd December?

8. Expressing her lack of trust in the Police Commissioner of Delhi, the Chief Minister has written to the Home Minister to remove the Police Commissioner. Why the Home Minister is silent about it?

9. If the Chief Minister of Delhi has no trust in the Delhi Police then how the people shall have trust in the Police?

10. On 23rd December, five youth met Smt. Sonia Gandhi, on what basis they were selected by the Government. Why their identity has been concealed?

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