Sunday, 30 December 2012

Pradesh President Sh. Vijender Gupta visits the family member of the deceased to consol them at 4.30am

Govt. should answer that why the dead body of the Gang rape victim was cremated in so much faced and secret way--BJP 

New Delhi, 30th Dec. BJP Delhi Pradesh President Sh. Vijender Gupta has said that the Govt. tried to cremate the dead body of the gang rape victim in a hasty and secret manner early in the morning. It remains about the emergency day. Govt. is not following the cultural, democratic and moral values of the country. 

Sh. Gupta told that under a conspiracy the dead body was brought from Singapore to Delhi at 3.30am. The Govt. was in so much hurry to cremate the dead body that it wanted to cremate early in the morning in the cremation ground of Dwarka near Palam Airport. The family members of the victim opposed it. They refused to give Mukhaagni. Then the Govt. became varied. The dead body remained for hours lying on the pyre. When the sun rose only then the family members gave Mukhaagni to the dead body and the administration completed the cremation in haste. 

Sh. Vijender Gupta and Prof. Jagdish Mukhi were present at the Dwaka cremation ground at the time of last rites. Sh. Gupta told that the family members of the deceased where were so much offended that they did not want to talk to any representative of the Govt. They were not allowed to perform the last rites with their customs and traditions. The people of Delhi want answer from the Govt. that why there was so much haste in performing the last rites. Congress Govt. will have to answer about it sooner or later. 

Sh. Gupta further told that the dead body of the victim was brought 26 hours after the death. Govt. will have to answer that why there was such conspiracy to bring the dead body. Had the intentions of Govt. been good then it should have allowed all the concerned to participate in the last rides so that the people may have paid tributes the brave daughter of India. Thousands of people were waiting at Jantar mantar for the whole night to received the dead body and the Govt. did not allow them to see the dead body and cremated in presence of some people secretly. It should be condemned by everyone.

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