Tuesday, 11 December 2012


BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has demanded the Congress Government of Delhi that it should immediately issue a white paper about allowing FDI in retail trade in Delhi. Delhi Government should through the white paper tell the manufacturers, traders, retail traders, farmers and the people of Delhi about the benefits of FDI and any possible loss due to it. 

Shri Gupta has demanded the Chief Minister that if her intentions are good then first of all she should move a motion in the Legislative Assembly for allowing FDI in retail trade in Delhi and get it approved by majority. Voting should take place after detailed debate in the Legislative Assembly and after getting the majority vote it should ascertain the views of the traders, manufactures and the people of Delhi. After that the Government should take steps for implementing FDI in the capital of India. Delhi Government has already prepared a draft for amending the law of Mandi for this purpose. Due to which, there are many questions in the minds of the people that why there is so much haste in implementing the FDI. Have the politicians of Delhi received money from companies like Wall Mart for allowing FDI. Chief Minister should also announce enquiry about it on the floor of Legislative Assembly. 

The haste in which the Government is going to implement FDI in the capital of India gives rise to many apprehensions. The trader, manufacturers, farmers and the common man is worried about the fact that this decision may ruin the economy of Delhi and cause unemployment. Hence the traders, manufacturers, farmers and the people are opposing it. Traditionally the character of Delhi has been commercial. If FDI is allowed without new consideration then migration out of Delhi may start and the law and order may also be in danger. 

Shri Gupta further told that as a result of allowing FDI in Delhi atleast 20 lakh citizens shall be directly affected. About 10 lakh traders in Delhi are directly connected with retail trade. If big showrooms and ware houses of the companies like Wall Mart, Tesco, Metro AG, Car-fur etc. are opened, then it will adversely affect the traders and the mandies of Delhi. The way in which Wall Mart have paid 125 crore rupees for lobbying to the politicians of the world, it is obvious that the foreign companies are coming in India for capturing the retail market. They shall finish the traditional retail trade in India by selling cheap imported foreign goods. After that they shall sell costly items and loot the people of India and take away the money earned in India to foreign countries.

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