Monday, 10 December 2012

Chief Minister is not concerned about retail trade in Delhi

Secret agreement between Government & foreign companies for implementing FDI in retail in Delhi - BJP 

New Delhi, 10th December. BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that the way in which the Chief Minister of Delhi is acting in haste to implement FDI, opening the retail stores of foreign companies and amending Mandi Act shows that there is a secret agreement between the Government and the foreign companies in this case. There is also possibility of corruption in this agreement. He has also demanded enquiry into the hasty manner in which Delhi Government is working for implementing FDI. 

Delhi Government wants to get pat on its back for implementing FDI first of all in the country without thinking about its consequences. Government is going to amend Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee Act for this purpose. With this amendment the foreign companies shall get permission to start private Mandis in Delhi. Its adverse affect will be that the future of thousands of traders connected with traditional Mandis will be in dark. The retail trade will also be adversely affected and economy of the capital will be in danger. The retailers and wholesale traders have also warned the Government that it should not open the gates for FDI in Delhi without due consideration. Delhi Government has given a token amount of 2 crores to a private company for constructing private Mandi in a plot of 70 acres in Tikri area of West Delhi. 

Shri Gupta told that most of the MPs and Parties had opposed FDI in retail trade during debate on FDI in Parliament. Government could secure required number of votes only due to technical reasons but the people of the country, youth, traders have many apprehensions about FDI. Delhi is the commercial hub of the country. Goods articles of general use are sent to all the States of India from Delhi. The economy of Delhi depends on retail trade and wholesale trade. 

At present the retail trade in India is run by unorganised sector. Only 18% of the retail trade is run by organised sector. The livelihood of rest 82% depend on the retail trade. Multi national companies like Wallmart, Tesko, Metro AG, Karfur, Ikiya, Kargil etc. are eying the retail trade of India worth 500 billion US dollar. This turnover will go upto 1000 billion by the year 2020. Hence first of all Wallmart is trying to open its business in India. Wallmart has also spent 125 crore rupees for lobbying among the members of US Congress. In India also Wallmart has spend 54 crore rupees for lobbying. If the foreign companies can spent crores of rupees only on lobbying then how much profit they will earn can well be imagined. Government has become pawn in the hands of foreign companies. The economy of the country is in danger.

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