Saturday, 22 December 2012

Decision in an important meeting on the tax proposals for the year 2012-13

No new tax will be imposed on the citizens by the three Municipal Corporations- Vijender Gupta 

New Delhi, 22nd December. BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has announced that neither any new tax nor any additional burden of any existing tax will be imposed on the people of Delhi in the budget for the financial year 2012-13. The citizens who pay house taxes of less than 5000 rupees on line shall be given additional concessional of 2% in the new financial year. The parking rates of all the three Corporations shall be uniform. Education provided in the Corporation schools will also be uniform and of high quality. Education tax, professional tax, tax on power produced from generator, improvement tax and other taxes, fees etc. shall not be imposed and BJP is not in favour of those taxes which have been imposed. 

In view of the manifesto issued at the time of elections to the three Municipal Corporations, uniformity will be brought in the taxes on the people. BJP is committed for the uniform and all round development of Delhi. On the 21st December, a meeting of the Chairmen of Standing Committees of all the three Corporations and Leaders of the Houses was held under the Chairmanship of BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta to finalise the budget proposals for the next year. The aforesaid decision was taken in this meeting. BJP Delhi Pradesh President gave this information to the press persons today. SarvaShri Yogender Chandoliya, Rajesh Gehlot, Mahek Singh, Subhash Arya, Dr. Mahender Nagpal, B.B. Tyagi and B.P. Pandey were also present in the Press Conference. 

Shri Gupta told that at the time of trifurcation of MCD, Delhi Government had made many promises. When the Congress was defeated in the MCD elections, the Government did not fulfil any promise. Government is trying to cripple the three Corporations run by BJP so that BJP may be defamed. The Government tried to impose burden of loan on the three Corporations from the very first day of its establishment. The Government had stated that the trifurcation is being done for creating three separate Corporations so that the work load may be divided and the development of Delhi may be ensured. Chief Minister had also promised to strengthen the Corporations financially and enhance man power. 

At the time of introducing unit area method of house tax in Delhi, Government had said that if there is any shortcoming in the tax collection then the Delhi Government will compensate the Corporations. After the start of this system the Corporation incurred loss of 1253 crore rupees. The Government wants to recover this amount from the Corporations even today. He has demanded that in view of the interest of the people, Government should waive of the amount of Rs. 1253 crores. 

Government has also reduced the grant in education head. At the time of implementing sixth pay commission, Government had promised that assigned tax 5.5% will be given in the education head of the Corporation. Now 1.5% reduction has been made and only 4% amount is being given. BJP demands that this amount should be given at the rate of 5.5% to the Corporations. Government had formed a Finance Commission under the Constitution 74th Amendment so that the financial condition of the Corporations may be strengthened. Delhi Government has not implemented the recommendations of the Commission. 

Government has also stopped the grant being given to the Corporations for the development works in unauthorised regular colonies, villages, urban villages etc. Due to this the uniform development works in Delhi has been badly affected. The intentions of the Government is that the three Corporations may not bring uniformity in the development of Delhi and the BJP may be defamed. In spite of this BJP is trying for the all-round development of Delhi. 

BJP demands that the Government should stop step motherly treatment with the three Corporations. At the time of trifurcations, Government had promised that the Corporations shall be granted 1550 crore rupees so that their financial condition may be at par. This amount has not been given as yet. All its assurances have not been fulfilled. Government wants that the Corporations may be under the burden of loan and it may continue to hinder the attempt of BJP to serve the people of Delhi in a prompt way. Government also wants that the development of Delhi may be hindered and it may not be uniformed.

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