Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Demand for enquiry into conspiracy to privatize water


New Delhi, 12th December. BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that the decision of Delhi Jal Board to hike water tariff by 10 percent from New Year is unnecessary burden on the people of Delhi and demanded that that since water tariff is already high in Delhi the decision to increase water tariff by 10 percent with effect from 1st January, 2013 should be withdrawn. 

He has also termed that decision of DJB as anti people in which a decision has been taken by the Government under Delhi Water and Sewer (Tariff and Metering Regulation) 2012 that DJB will serve water bills even to those persons who don’t have DJB connections in their houses. It may be mentioned that 40 percent people do not have the DJB connections in their houses. They depend on private sources and private water suppliers for getting water. Such people spend 20 percent of their total earning on getting water. In such situation the DJB’s bills will be unnecessary economic burden on them. 

Congress has been ruling Delhi for the last 14 years. Here the total demand of water is 1100 MGD but the DJB supplies only 850 MGD. Out of this 40 percent water is lost due to negligence and corruption in the DJB. DJB say that it is leakage. The reality is that the water mafia sells this 40 percent of the water with the connivance of DJB. At many places in Delhi, the water mafia have taken direct connection from the main pipe lines of DJB. From here, tankers are filled for supply to farm houses, private hotels and traders at market rates. 

At present there are 30 lakh water connections in Delhi. Sub standard meters are being fitted in the houses of the people on the lines of power meters. These meters have been manufactured by local companies which are of low standard in comparison with old meters. The employees of DJB are threatening the people that if they do not change their meters their water supply will be disconnected. At present Jal Board is looting the people by both hands in the name of water supply. 60 percent of the total water bill is been recovered as sewer maintenance charge from the people. Service charge is also been recovered besides it. People complain that they are being served hefty water bills. The new meters are fast running resulting in hefty water bills. 

Delhi Government has started privatisation of water in various phases. Under this programme with the approval of Chief Minister DJB has privatised water supply under public private partnership in Vasant Kunj, Malviya Nagar, Nangloi etc. areas. Social organisations and people say that the project cost of private water treatment plants has been deliberately increased so that its cost may be recovered from the people. This is being done to benefit the private companies. BJP has demanded the Lt. Governor to enquire into this conspiracy.

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