Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Government Hospitals become grave yard for the patients


New Delhi, 5th December. BJP Delhi Pradesh President has alleged that all the Government Hospitals and Trauma centres have become grave yards for the patients. During the last 5 years, 10 thousand children have died due to negligence in Government Hospitals. When the Chief Minister of Delhi was praising Delhi Government at the time of releasing Manifesto of the Congress Party in Gujarat yesterday, at that time five patients were dying due to stoppage of oxygen in ICU of the Sushrut Trauma Centre. 

Shri Gupta has demanded the Lt. Governor to order high level judicial enquiry into the deaths and other mismanagements in Government Hospitals. He has demanded the Government that it should issue white paper on the condition of Government Hospitals. The Government should also state that for what purpose the money meant for medical services is being spent by the Government. Recently the CAG had made strong comments against all the Government Hospitals and the corruption in them but the Government is mum on it. BJP will issue a black paper on the plight of Government Hospitals shortly. 

Delhi Government has tried to escape from its responsibilities by handing over the enquiry for the deaths in Sushrut Trauma Centre to the medical Superintendent of G.B. Pant Hospital. Expressing surprise over it, BJP has said that G.B. Pant Hospital is also under Delhi Government. Will it be proper to ask the Medical Superintendent to report against Government Hospitals? This enquiry has been ordered to cover up the case and save the Health Minister and Chief Minister so that the lower level officials may be punished and the responsible persons in the Government may be saved. 

Shri Gupta further told that the National Human Rights Commission has decided to take after stern action against untimely deaths of children during the last five years in Kalawati Saran Hospital and other Hospitals of Delhi. Only in Kalawati Saran Hospitals 10,081 children died due to medical negligence during the last 5 years. In the year 2008, 2713 children and in the year 2009 and 2499 children in the year 2010, 2144 children died in the Hospital. Even after that the Chief Minister and the Health Minister did not take any step to save the children. In Delhi 23 persons die every day due to pollution. Multi Speciality Hospitals have been constructed in Tahirpur and Janakpuri at the cost of Hundreds of crores but they are not being utilized by the people of Delhi. Government is also responsible for this. 

In Kalawati Saran Hospital 14 newly born children died in the incubator last year and the Government completed its duty by paying compensation of 5 lakh rupees each to the parents. Is not it unfortunate for the parents to get compensation for the death of their children? Only yesterday, Disaster Management Department of Delhi had conducted Mock Drills at 33 places. This drill was also held at Sushrut Trauma Centre. The same day on the one hand Mock Drill was being held at the Trauma Centre and on the other hand five patients were dying due to stoppage of oxygen. At that time Chief Minister was announcing in Gujarat that the per capita income in Delhi is Rs. 840 which is the highest in the country.

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