Thursday, 13 December 2012

Suspected business relations of Ministers with Chaddha Brothers


New Delhi, 13th December. BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has demanded the Central Home Minister that he should order enquiry into the suspected relations between two Ministers Arvinder Singh Lovely and Harun Yusuf with Hardeep Singh and Ponty Chaddha in the murder case at Chhattarpur farm house. He should issue directions to remove both the Ministers from their post till the results report of enquiry is submitted so that the truth about the business relations between both the Ministers and the deceased persons and the murder case may be known.

Shri Gupta told that the special police team investigating into the case of murder have found records of frequent telephonic conversation between both the deceased brothers and Ministers Arvinder Singh Lovely and Harun Yusuf. These records are evidence of the fact that both had relations with Hardeep Singh and Ponty Chaddha. Even on the 17th November, 2012 the day of murder, Arvinder Singh Lovely had talked on his mobile phone for 97 seconds with Hardeep Singh before his death. The police sources have stated that Hardeep Singh used to talk to the Minister Arvinder Singh Lovely on business matters every day. There is strong possibility of the fact that there was secret business relation with Minister Arvinder Singh Lovely and Hardeep Singh. 

When Shri Lovely was the Transport Minister then he had awarded 3 cluster bus routes to the company of Hardeep Singh out of 5 routes awarded by the Transport Department by November, 2010. Hardeep Singh did not operate required number of buses within the time fixed under the agreement on the 3 cluster routes due to his relation with the Minister. Lakhs of passengers had to suffer due to it but the then Transport Minister Shri Lovely did not take any departmental and legal action against the company of Shri Hardeep Singh. 

The police had found in its investigation that between 1st November to 17th November, Shri Lovely and Hardeep talked on mobile phone 59 times. Hardeep Singh used to send SMS messages to Shri Lovely frequently and Shri Lovely used to reply to it. Minister Harun Yusuf and Hardeep Singh talked 54 times between 1st to 17th November about which the police have found records. This way there was a possible triangular relation between Chaddha brothers and Minister Shri Lovely and Harun Yusuf about which investigation is necessary. After the death of their father Shri Kulwant Chaddha on 13th April, 2011, there was dispute between the two brothers about division of their family property of about 21,000 crore rupees. As part of this dispute there was litigation for DLF Farm House No.42 which was of about 7 acres. In this case Hardeep Singh was awarded the decree. He was also in possession of the Farm House. But on 17th November Ponty Chaddha with the help of his friend Namdhari took over the possession of the Farm House. At that time Hardeep Singh was in Noida. When he heard about it then he immediately came to Delhi. In the mean time, he talked for long with Minister Shri Lovely many times. The talk between Hardeep Singh and Lovely continued till the death of Hardeep. Shri Lovely and Yusuf had good relations with the brother of Hardeep Singh, Ponty Chaddha also. This was revealed by the long telephonic calls between them.

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