Monday, 17 December 2012

Goondaraj in Delhi


New Delhi, 17th Dec. BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that the incident of mass rape of a young woman by six young men in a running bus is a slap on the face of woman Chief Minister of Delhi Smt. Sheila Dikshit and added that if the Chief Minister has any sense of morality, responsibility left then she should immediately resign and let a competent person take over as the Chief Minister. Shri Gupta went to Safdarjung Hospital to see the condition of the young woman the victim of rape. Agitated people told him that the Chief Minister should own responsibility and resign immediately. 

Holding the Central Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde and Police Commissioner directly responsible for the incident, he told that it seems that there is Goondaraj in the capital. All the arrangements of the Government have failed. The morale of the criminal elements is so high that they commit mass rape in the running bus and the police had no knowledge about the incident. 

More shameful is the fact that the Chief Minister in reaction to the incident tells the press persons that she has cancelled the license of the bus in which the rape was committed. Shri Gupta told that when the Chief Minister was claiming to have cancelled the license of the bus in which rape was committed, at that time the police had not identified the bus. At that time the police had taken over the possession of 11 buses and interrogating. In such situation is the statement of Chief Minister justified that the license of the bus in which rape was committed has been cancelled. The bus in which the crime was committed was recovered by the police in the evening. It shows that the Chief Minister has given false and misleading statement to the people. Chief Minister is herself a woman. Rape in running bus is a matter of shame for the whole Delhi. In such situation is it justified to give such insensitive statement and failing to own responsibility. 

In another incident at Shivaji Stadium yesterday, three young men came at a Dhaba and after taking breakfast they ordered the waiter to eat the left over. When the waiter refused to eat the left over the young man fired at him. Two young men succeeded in escaping from there. The people present on the occasion captured one of the young men and handed over to the police. The area of Shivaji Stadium is one of the crowded places. The incident of firing in a place like Connaught Place is indicative of the fact that the system of law and order has failed in Delhi. The law breakers don't bother about the police and law. 

After the incident of rape in running bus, Government has stated that now CCTV cameras shall be fitted in every bus. Shall these cameras be able to prevent the incidents of rape? Will it help in establishing law and order? Will the police start discharging its responsibilities after installation of cameras? It has been seen that the places where CCTV cameras have been fitted are not functioning. After every terrorist incident Government says that CCTV cameras shall be installed in all the markets and prominent places. Delhi Government should state that where these cameras have been installed and are they working? After this incident Government and the police have reacted as usual. After some time, the police system will become negligence once again. Unless the Government and the Officers are not held responsible for the incidents of crime, such incidents continue to happen.

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