Saturday, 29 October 2011

BJP workers start Karsewa at Chhath Ghats today

BJP will set up service camps at 116 Chhath Ghats of Delhi

 On the occasion of sacred Chhath festival of about 40 lakh Poorvanchalis of Delhi, more than 10 thousand BJP workers started Karsewa under the leadership of Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta from Sonia Vihar Pushta No.1 by setting up service camps at 116 Chhat Ghats of Delhi.
On this occasion Shri Gupta told the workers and the people present on this occasion that BJP is committed for the protection of Indian culture and tradition.  Party is the view that any society propers only by the protection and enrichment of its ancient culture.  Hence the BJP workers started assisting the Chhath worshippers by setting up service camps since Chhath Pooja started in Delhi.  In this connection the MCD respecting the sentiments of 40 lakh Poorvanchalis declared public holiday.  It is unfortunate that in place of accepting the demand of Poorvanchalis for public holiday, Delhi Government has started putting hindrance in the process of declaring public holiday on Chhath festival by MCD.  BJP strongly condemns this unbecoming behaviour of Delhi Government.

          Pradesh President told that fruits are the most important items in the Chhath worship. The Sun God is paid obeisance with a basket of fruits.  Due to the indifferent attitude of Delhi Government and corruption in it the prices of fruits are sky rocketing.  Taking advantage of it the fruit traders have increased the prices by three times.  Bananas are being sold for Rs. 70 per dozen, apples Rs. 150 per kg, Mausambi Rs. 60 per kg, promagnate Rs. 200 per kg., coconut fruit Rs. 40 per piece, oranges Rs. 150 per kg, pears Rs. 80 per kg., Baboo Ghosha Rs. 100 per kg, pineapple Rs. 60 per kg, Sharifa Rs. 120 per kg., The Food & Supply Department of Delhi Government has completely failed to curb price rise. Shri Gupta has demanded the Chief Minister that it should immediately arrange the sale of fruits through Mother Dairy booths in entire Delhi at fair price rates.

He further told that the attitude of Congress Government and Chief Minister has been discriminatory against the Poorvanchalis.  Delhi Congress Government has always treated the Poorvanchalis in a step motherly way.  Hence Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit said that the migrants used the civic amenities of Delhi and the people of Delhi are deprived of the basic amenities.  This statement of Delhi Government is unconstitutional because the fundamental rights in Indian constitution authorises every citizen of India to reside any where and earn his livelihood.  Every citizen of country has right to lead a respectable life in any state.  40 lakh Poorvanchalis of Delhi are contributing to the development of Delhi by their hard labour. The Poorvanchalis are not burden on Delhi rather they share the burden on Delhi.

          There was unprecedented zeal among the BJP workers and leaders at the time of starting Karsewa at Sonia Vihar.  Pradesh President Vijender Gupta, Co-Incharge Shri Rameshwar Chaurasia, Poorvanchal Cell Incharge Dr. S.C.L. Gupta, Convenor Shri Abhey Verma and thousands of BJP workers participated in Karsewa.  This Karsewa started at Sonia Vihar Pushta-I and went up to Pushta No.5.  After that the Karsewaks offered Kar sewa at other Chhath Ghats and made them worth performing Chhath Pooja. 
          Giving the details of arrangements on 116 Chhath Ghats, Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta told that the BJP workers will remain present round the clock at all the Ghats and help the worshippers in every way so that they may not face any difficulty.  It may be mentioned that in Bihar and neighbouring states public holiday for two days is observed.  This festival is celebrated for the happiness, prosperity, welfare of the family, society, country and the world. This is the only festival in which the setting Sun is offered obeisance and the worshippers remain on the banks of rivers for the whole night singing devotional sons and on the next day pay obsescience to the rising Sun and with this the worship is completed. 

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