Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Inauguration of Polyclinic in Bawana Village

Delhi Government has neglected lakhs of farmers of Delhi during the last 12 years - Vijender Gupta

Inaugurating a Polyclinic in Bawana Village constructed by the MCD for the treatment of the farmers and lakhs of villagers in Bawana area, BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that Delhi Government has grossly neglected the villagers, farmers during the last 12 years.  Inspite of the presence of lakhs of farmers in Delhi, the Government says that no farming is being done in Delhi, then how the farmers can be settled?  This is a big joke of the Government with the farmers of the capital. 

He told that even today the farmers are growing crops, vegetables, fruits etc. on 2 lakh 81 thousand hectares of land in 240 rural villages of Delhi and maintaining their families.  The Government never cared about the development of the farmers and never framed any meaningful scheme for them.  Thousands of farmers who had assembled in the function of inauguration of Polyclinic complained to Shri Vijender Gupta that they are not being provided fertilizers and moderned seeds at cheap rates.  The State Government supply subsidise seeds and fertilizers to the farmers in the country.  This is surprising that the Government is compelling lakhs of farmers of Delhi to purchase seeds and fertilizers at market rates. 

 Shri Gupta told that only 375 villages exist in the records of Delhi Government.  Out of this 240 villages are in the rural areas and 135 villages are called urban villages.  Lakhs of farmers have lost their employment after the acquisition of their land in rural areas.  Government is not providing any facility to the family members of such farmers.  The children of the farmers are unemployed.  The number of family members is also increasing, but the Lal Dora area is not being extended.  Now Delhi Government has formed a task force to drive out the increased population from the villages.  Those farmers who have constructed houses outside Lal Dora area are being sent to jail.  Their houses are being demolished.  Helpless farmers are doing their agricultural work on the land left with them and maintaining their families. 

Pradesh General Secretary Pravesh Verma, Legislator Kulwant Rana, District President Ramesh Chauhan, Councillor Manjit Mathur, Mohan Bhardwaj, Narayan Singh and thousands of farmers, local citizens and BJP workers participated in the inauguration of Polyclinic today.  There is wave of happiness among the local citizens due to opening of Polyclinic.  Various departments have been opened in the Polyclinic for treatment so that the villagers may get medical facilities in their villages.  There is outdoor and indoor treatment facility in it.  This has been constructed at the cost of two crore rupees.  It may be mentioned that the people of Bawana area have been suffering due to lack of medical facilities since years.  Now after the opening of Polyclinic by the MCD the villagers and farmers of the area and neighbourhood shall be able to avail medical facilities here itself.

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