Saturday, 15 October 2011

Sheila Dikshit should issue white paper on water

Government wants to privatise water supply by forming Delhi Water Regulatory Commission - Vijender Gupta

            New Delhi, 15th October.  Terming the decision of Delhi Government to form Delhi Water Regulatory Commission as a conspiracy, BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that after forming this Commission Delhi Government will fully privatise water supply which will adversely affect the interests of the people of Delhi.  The intentions of the Government are not good hence it is taking steps surreptitiously in the direction of privatising water.

            Shri Gupta has demanded the Chief Minister that adopting a transparent and public oriented attitude on the issue of water supply in Delhi she should immediately issue a white paper which should contain true and clear picture of the water supply, condition of Water Treatment Plants etc. in view of the population of Delhi.  Delhi Government should also invite objections and suggestions from the people of Delhi before forming Delhi Water Regulatory Commission so that the views of the people may not be disregarded.  In democratic system the opinion of the people is of prime importance, Delhi Government wants to make the people crave for drops of water by taking control of the water provided by nature.

            It may be mentioned that the people of Delhi are facing the grave consequences of privatisation of power. Even after paying high price for power, people of Delhi are not getting good and uninterrupted power.  People are feeling to have been cheated.  After the formation of Delhi Water Regulatory Commission, it is certain that people of Delhi will have to face many difficulties because this will be dominance of bureaucracy.  The bureaucracy will protect the interests of the Government companies supplying water in place of protecting the interests of people as has been seen in the case of power. 

            Delhi Government has privatised water supply in Malviya Nagar, Vasant Vihar and Nangloi.  It is the intention of Government that water supply should be privatised fully in South Delhi and after that privatise it in entire Delhi gradually and get rid of this responsibility.  The billing work has already been privatised.  The people are facing grave consequences of it.  People are being served bills which are ten times higher than the normal bills deliberately.  When the harassed people contact the related officers for getting it corrected then they are told to firstly pay the bill only after that their complaint will be heard.  But after that the grievances are not entertained.

            Shri Gupta told that he has confirmed information that at the instance of Chief Minister the DJB is going to hand over water supply of Delhi to a defamed multi-national company which has already been put in black list by many countries of the world.  In the countries in which these companies had taken the contract of supplying water the people are being looted.  People were served bills of lakhs of rupees without being supplied water.  The distribution of water is also unequal.  People are crying for the supply of water.  This will be the condition in Delhi also after privatisation.

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