Sunday, 16 October 2011

The only objective of chief Minister in dividing MCD is to establish her political authority - Vijender Gupta

New Delhi 16th Oct. criticizing the statement of Chief Minister of Delhi on the issue of trifurcation of MCD the BJP Delhi Pradesh President Sh. Vijender Gupta had said that central Govt. has not taken any decision on this subject. The Chief Minister is misleading the people, political game. Shir Gupta was addressing the people present on the inauguration of road construction work in secot-18, Rohini in today.

If the Chief Minister was confident about the justification of the trifurcation of MCD than why see did not take the people of Delhi in to confidence. This is only an exercise to take political advantage bye if regarding the interest in the people. This is also a move to divert the attention of the people of Delhi from the bungling of thousands of crores in commonwealth Games.

Sh. Gupta has also demanded that the Central Govt. should keep in mind the interest of the people of Delhi before taking decision on the trifurcation of MCD.

The people of Delhi should be ready for paying higher taxes and run from peeler to post. If this anti people proposal of the chief minister is implemented than the administrative expanse on the three proposed corporation will increase by about 1000 crorors to be born by the people of Delhi besides facing harassment.

Pradesh President told that even at Present Corporation is divided in to 12 zones where all the works connected with the people are done. According to the provisions of the MCD act every zonal office is a mini corporation in its area. With this arrangement the administration of MCD is already be centralized and the people get the service at their doors.

Sh. Gupta told that the plan behind trifurcation of MCD is to and the political importantants of Central Govt. and the anti of Delhi and establish her political monopoly. The proof of this fact is opposition by the Congress party to this move.

Sh. Gupta added that due to the trifurcation of MCD the Corporations will become financially week because the expenditure will be more than the revenue especially is the east Delhi zone which is still backward. The reason is that the tax collection by the MCD is very nominal against the expenditure in curbed by the MCD. Either the taxes will have to be increased their or the development work will almost stop because at present the rest of MCD zones makeup the expenditure on development in that area. The other consequences will be that the persons capable of paying tax may migrate to other areas because lack of development in this area. Due to this east Delhi will become more backward due to the fall in the number of tax payers.

The Chairman of the Standing Committee Sh. Yogender Chandolia, Member of the Standing Committee and Councillor Vijay Prakash Pandey and the representatives of RWAs were present on the occasion of inauguration of Road Construction works in Sector-18, Rohini. 

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