Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Central and Delhi Governments responsible for the power crises in Delhi

 Private companies earn huge profit by selling power at the rate of Rs.7 per unit to other states but discoms do not purchase power when there is shortage – Vijender Gupta

Delhi BJP is of the view that there is lack of coordination between Central and Delhi Governments due to which Delhi is facing severe power crises. BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that when Central and Delhi Governments already knew that due to strike by the labourers in coal fields, Delhi will not get sufficient coal, then why arrangements are not made for Delhi through other sources of production? The private power companies earned profit of crores of rupees by selling surplus power at the rate of rupees 7 to other states, but when there is shortage of power, why these private power companies of Delhi do not supply power to the people of Delhi, after purchasing power from surplus states like Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand etc?

            For the last 8 days, Delhi is getting 2000mw less power. Due to shortage of power the lifeline of the capital Metro Rail service has also been adversely affected. According to the agreement of privatization, all the three power companies supplying power to Delhi, it is their responsibility that they should purchases power from other states also so that there is uninterrupted power supply in Delhi. These companies earned profit of crores of rupees by selling surplus power at the rate of Rs.7 per unit to the neighboring states. The Central Energy Minister had also complained about it to Delhi Government and the Prime Minister. When there is shortage of power in Delhi then these companies try to hold the Government and other agencies responsible for it and try to escape from their responsibility. But in case of shortage, it does not purchase power from surplus states and do not supply power to the people of Delhi deliberately.

Delhi Government would have purchased power from Nothern Grid through discoms and supplied it to the people. Himachal Pradesh and Uttrakhand have always surplus power.  Had the Delhi Government been worried about the people then it could have ordered the three Power Companies to purchase power from Himachal and Uttrakhand and maintain normal power supply in Delhi. Delhi BJP has warned Delhi Government that it should immediately normalize power supply in Delhi otherwise BJP will be compelled to start strong movement. It may be mentioned that BJP Pradesh President has written a letter to the Lt. Governor demanding intervention from the LG for solving the power crises.

Shri Gupta told that after 8 days of power crises, now Delhi Government has for the first time directed the Private Power Companies to purchase power from other states and supply to the people of Delhi.  This direction could be issued a week earlier by Delhi Government but due to economic connivance with private power companies, Delhi Government remained silent for a week although the people of Delhi suffered a lot. In view of pressure from BJP and anger of the people of Delhi the Central Coal Minister called a meeting of the Officers and directed that they should ensure extra supply of 3 racks of coal everyday for Badarpur Power Station. If this supply could have been ordered for earlier then Delhi could receive 1000mw extra power.

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