Monday, 10 October 2011

Seven months have elapsed but the Government could not utilise 11,800 crore rupees

Due to wrong policies of Delhi Government development of Delhi has reached to zero level - Vijender Gupta

BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that due to wrong and loot oriented policies of Delhi Congress Government the development of Delhi has almost stopped.  Government is not utilising crores of rupees allotted for the development of Delhi.  Due to anti people policies of Government, price spiral and corruption have increased, but the public amenities have decreased. The money which should have been spent on water, power, hospitals, roads, public transport and for curbing price rise is being looted in corruption.  Now when the Government had spent only 13 percent of the fund of planned budget, 87 percent money is blocked in the Government treasury.  Shri Gupta was speaking in foundation laying ceremony of a primary school by the MCD in Model Town-II.

            He told that on the one hand the people of Delhi are craving for basic amenities like power and water and on the other hand Delhi Government has been able to utilise only 1800 crore rupees on the development projects of Delhi out of 13,600 crore rupees allotted in the planned budget of Delhi.  The greatest crisis for Delhi Government is that how it will be able to utilise 11,800 crore rupees of planned budget?  Government is misleading the people by making false announcements only in fact the ground reality is entire different after such fake announcements not a single project executed from the last many months.

            The entire energy of the Government is being spent on corruption and fuelling price rise.  Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit does not want that the people of Delhi may avail amenities like power, water, education, health, public transport, employment etc.  This is the reason why Delhi Government is hindering the progress of development projects inspite of sufficient funds available for it.  He has called upon the people fo Delhi that they should take the revenge from the Congress for atrocities and corruption in the forthcoming elections.

            BJP Pradesh President told that Central and Delhi Congress Governments are completely involved in corruption and misappropriating public money. Government is not enquiring the cases of corruption of crores in the CWG and ensuring punishment to the guilty persons.  This is the reason why the guilty persons are roaming free.  CVC is enquiring into 71 projects connected with the games.  The pace of enquiry is very slow.  CVC has closed two cases because it did not sent the high profile offenders to jail and due to lack of proof and witness.  CVC is enquiring into the corruption of 3,316 crore rupees spent on 71 projects.  No effective enquiry has been initiated on the reports of Shunglu Committee and CAG.

            Under the resolve 'Sabhi Padeh - Sabhi Badeh' the MCD is constructing primary schools in those areas in which there was no arrangement for the education of children even after independence.  The school being constructed in Model Town-II will cost about two crore rupees.  It will have 20 rooms, two halls, computer rooms etc.  This school will run in two shifts seperately for girls and boys.

            Besides area Councillor Surender Gupta, SarvaShri Pyare Lal Gupta, Mahavir Prasad, Krishan Lal, Ram Kishore Goyal, Jai Bhagwan Goel, many local senior citizens and parents were present on this occasion. All of them applauded this effort of the MCD and welcomed with raising slogans.

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