Friday, 28 October 2011

Chief Minister's statement about further increase in power tariff is onslaught on the interest of the people - Vijender Gupta

BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that when the rate of inflation is continuously rising in Delhi, the statement of the Chief Minister about further hike in the power tariff has increased the acrimony of the people of Delhi.  BJP strongly condemns the statement of Chief Minister about hike in power tariff and it indicates anti people attitude of the Government.

          If the Chief Minister thinks in the interests of the people then she should immediately accept the demand for CAG enquiry into the accounts of all the three private power supply companies and should request the Central Government to implement it.  The power companies are earning profit of thousands of crores.  Inspite of this Government allowed 22% hike in power tariff.  By doing so the Government is implementing the secret agenda of the power companies.  Delhi Congress Government has nothing to do with the interest of the people.

          He told that the reason of further increase in power tariff is that Delhi Government and the DERC are not in favour of the people, but are supporting the profit making attitude of the private companies.  This is the reason why the Government allowed 22% hike in power tariff. Although the companies are earning heavy profit the Chief Minister is talking about further increase. Referring to the observation of High Court, Shri Gupta told that the Hon'ble Judges of High Court hearing the case of tariff hike by two power companies, told the companies, officers and the advocates that if the companies are not in a position to supply power at the present rates then they should leave the field.  There are many power supply companies in India which are capable supplying power at fair rates.

          BJP Pradesh President has demanded Delhi Government and the DERC that if the private companies continued to state that they are incurring loss then they should be relieved from this job.  Fresh tenders should be invited for awarding the work of power distribution to new competent companies. 

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