Saturday, 8 October 2011

Primary school constructed at the cost of three crore rupees in Sarai Pipalthala inaugurated

Government should ensure MCD elections to be held on time so that the development of capital may not be hindered - Vijender Gupta

Under the resolve to make Delhi a fully literate State, BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta inaugurated a primary school in Sarai Pipalthala constructed at the cost of rupees 2.88 crores by the MCD.  He was addressing the people present on the occasion that Delhi Government is neglecting the development of the capital.  Delhi is craving even for basic amenities like education hence power, water, transport etc.  The Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit not at all bothered about any of basic amenities essential for the people.  Government is deliberately taking away the fund meant for development by MCD.  He has demanded the Central and Delhi Government that the MCD elections be held on time.

 He told that Delhi Government wants to completely paralyze the MCD and make it dependent on Congress Government. For this purpose the Government has taken low grade steps.  Government has announced that the MCD will be divided in three parts.  Due to this the people are confused because the Government has not got legal approval for it.  He has demanded the Government that it should legally clarify to the people whether the elections to MCD will be held for one house or it will be divided in three parts.  During twelve and half years of rule Delhi Government has neglected 1.5 crore people of Delhi.  This government remained busy in bungling.  Thousands of crores of hard earned money of the people were misappropriated by the Government and people connected with it.  This has been confirmed by the Shunglu Committee and CAG in its report, but the Congress Government has not sent the accused persons of the bungling to jail. 
 It may be mentioned that BJP is the majority Party in MCD House which has completed many important works for the people.  E-governance has been started for the first time in MCD.  Mechanical sweeping of roads has been started.  MCD wants to make Delhi a fully literate State in which no child is illeterate.  Since BJP became the majority Party in MCD, Delhi Government has not cooperated with it.  Whatever fund is provided by Delhi Government for the development work in MCD is deliberately blocked.

In today's programme Chairman of the Standing Committee Shri Yogendra Chandoliya, Keshav Puram District President Rekha Gupta, North-West District President Ramesh Chauhan, local Councillor Ashwani Ahuja and many BJP leaders, workers and thousands of citizens participated. 

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