Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Why the Government is not imposing penalty on power companies for load shedding

Government is directly responsible for load shedding in Delhi - Vijender Gupta

 In a letter written to the Lt. Governor of Delhi, the BJP Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has demanded that he should directly intervene for solving the problem of power load shedding in Delhi because the people of Delhi are facing load shedding of 4 to 6 hours for the last one week.  Delhi Government is making lame excuses in the case of load shedding.

            Shri Gupta has written that it is the responsibility of the State Government to procure sufficient power for the people from National Grid, private producers or neighbouring States so that the people may not have to face undeclared power cuts.  Since the year 2007 law has been framed in Delhi to effect that if power distribution companies resort to undeclared power cuts then the Government may impose penalty on them and share this amount with the power consumers.

            Since the Congress Government is in connivance with the power companies hence even after four years this law has not been implemented by the Government.  22% hike in the power tariff has also been imposed on the people of Delhi when they are already facing price spiral.  People are not getting supply of sufficient power even after paying higher tariff.  BJP Delhi Pradesh President has held the Congress Government of Delhi and Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit directly responsible for it. 

            Since the last week there is load shedding of about 2000 m.w. every day.  Due to it entire Delhi has been badly affected.  Exams are to be held in the schools next month itself.  Children are not able to complete their courses due to power cuts.  The parents are also very much worried that their children may not get good marks in the exams due to power cuts.  The people of Delhi are raising question that why they are not getting uninterrupted power supply even after paying 30% higher tariff?  It is the responsibility of the Government to ensure power supply.

            Energy Minister Haroon Yusuf has admitted that generally there is load shedding of about 500 m.w. power in Delhi.  But contrary to the statement of Energy Minister the Chief Minister claims that power is available in Delhi more than required. Shri Gupta has asked the Chief Minister that she should tell what is the truth.  Every day the people of Delhi are facing power cuts many times.  Government has been claiming for the last two years that 750 m.w. power production will soon start from Bawana Gas Power Plant.  This claim remains a claim only.

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